4 Important Benefits of an Indoor Vertical Garden

A few plants can make any home feel more lively, vibrant, and peaceful. There are endless benefits to having more houseplants, from improved health and mood to a greater sense of home satisfaction. And perhaps the most unique and creative way to fill your house with low-maintenance plants is with an indoor vertical garden.

Besides being a show-stopping centerpiece for any room,†a wall-hanging bursting with deep green succulents is actually a healthy home addition. Here are a few reasons why you should make an indoor vertical garden for your home.

Botanical living room

1. You can maximize your space.

If you live in a tiny space, it can be tough to dedicate any of your precious real estate to plants–they arenít really space savers with their bulky, delicate pots.

But, if you opt for a vertical garden in your home, you can load your walls with plants without sacrificing precious floor or counter space. It’s a great option for those who believe in tiny house living.

2. Feel calmer + more productive.

Hanging a vertical garden indoors will make your home environment a more pleasant place to be.

Indoor plants can improve concentration, productivity, and creativity (some studies have shown by as much as 15 percent!). Indoor plants are also highly effective at reducing stress.

If you have a home office, a†green wall like this could promote more creative thinking and a sense of lifted energy while working.

3. Clean your polluted, indoor air.

Think of indoor plants as a living†air†filtration system. A vertical garden is a great way to get more plants into a room, which means youíll have more plant power cleaning and filtering your indoor air.

In fact, according to NASA, certain houseplants†have been found to absorb up to 87 percent of indoor air toxins within a mere 24 hours. As a result, NASA recommends at least 1 potted plant per every 100 square feet of living space.

But why stumble over all those pots when you can hang your garden on the wall? No dogs and kids knocking over pots and making a mess.†All the air-purifying benefits.

Scandinavian bathroom with vertical garden, white minimalistic interior design

4. Save money on decor.

Is there anything more beautiful than an artistic wall of lush greenery? Vertical gardens can do a lot to beautify your home. Who wouldn’t want to bathe next to a wall of†vibrant plants or snuggle up to a good book across from a frame of delicate succulents?

And don’t worry, it’s low-maintenance decor. Succulents generally only need a misting of water once in a while, so no need to worry about a big plant commitment. With a†minimal amount of†upkeep, you’re rewarded with a lot of indoor beauty.

How to Build an Indoor Vertical Garden

Looking to build your own vertical garden? Itís actually pretty easy.

Here’s a step-by-step DIY to take you through making your own succulent vertical garden frame. The only downside is it takes a bit of timeÖ itís not a project that is done in a weekend. After planting succulents in a frame, it can take between four and 12 weeks for your plants to become fully rooted, which is the point where you can hang your garden vertically.

I know, patience is always the hardest part. But if you love gardening and love the idea of having more plants in your house, welcome to your newest project.

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