4 Interesting Alternatives to Being Buried

If you suffer from taphephobia, the fear of being buried alive, or fear being exhumed someday long after you are buried or just think ground burial or basic cremation are simply too boring of an end for your unique and wonderful life (or the life of a loved one, including a pet), then consider these four other options:

1. Funeral Diamonds

One of the key elements in cremated human remains happens to be carbon — and now that carbon can be magically transformed into an array of precious stones, including diamonds, by a company called LifeGem. So, your beloved significant other can then wear you post-humously around their neck or on their finger in a lovely gold, silver or platinum setting.

2. Star Dust

Celestis Inc., will rocket your ashes into the earth’s orbit or launch them into outer space. For a little under a $1000 your cremated remains can experience an Earth Rise service, or for $12,500 a portion of your remains can be launched into deep space. For the ultimate space journey, Celestis now offers the Sunjammer option:

The Sunjammer solar sail mission will carry your loved one on a monumental, truly historic mission into deep space — a mission that could last for millions of years. Space Services Holdings, Inc. – Celestis’ parent company – is part of a team of leading aerospace companies and government agencies – led by NASA – that is developing and launching Sunjammer, the world’s largest solar sail. Your loved one will be a pioneer in a new era of space exploration for all, journeying 3 million kilometers towards the sun, the farthest distance ever travelled by humankind. This incredible mission will ensure those on board their rightful place in history.

My concern with any of these rocket ship options (other than the price tag!) is the potentially astronomical carbon footprint of the endeavor.  But, if a rocket is already being launched and your remains happen to be on board and then catapulted into space, it would be quite profound to know that someday you could drift among the stars in the quite solitude of the celestial heavens.



3. Become a Coral Reef

The company Eternal Reef will cast your ashes into a 100 percent natural cast reef mold which is then lowered into the ocean to help create new habitat for a plethora of colorful sea creatures. Some people choose to be buried together or with deceased pets and Eternal reef is happy to accommodate such requests.

Being transformed into a coral reef may be one of the most environmental friendly ways to manage human remains. Personally, I think this is a rather cool option.



4. Cryogenic Freezing

If you hope that someday modern science will transcend science fiction and be able to truly reanimate dead people (and not in zombie form), then cryogenic freezing is the option for you. By using liquid nitrogen, human remains are cryogenically frozen without damaging tissue. The Alcor Life Foundation, an organization that promotes cryonics explains that cryonics is a speculative life support technology that seeks to preserve human bodies in a state that will be viable and treatable by future medicine. This option is a gamble, but how amazing would it be to be reanimated one hundred years into the future?

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Eternal Reefs are a green — and highly unique — way to be buried!


Memorial space lifts are less environmentally sound, but they are certainly profound. Thanks to a simple rocket-launch, your remains or the remains of a loved one can circle the earth’s orbit or drift among the stars eternally.


Bringing people back from the dead? This may not be science fiction for long…


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Stephen L
Stephen Lang4 months ago

I'm going to try option number 4, Cryonic Suspension. But not at Alcor since they charge far too much money. I'm going to sign up with the Cryonics Institute. The Cryonics Institute charges less for a full body suspension that what Alcor charges for just the head(called a neurosuspension).

Nora M.
Nora M.2 years ago

That's interesting that they can turn your remains into a diamond. That option wouldn't have occurred to me. It could be comforting to know that your loved one is close by, though. I wonder how much that kind of thing is. http://affordableburialandcremation.ca/

Darren Woolsey
Darren W3 years ago

Options #1, #2 and #3 would appear to be the most natural recycling options for a human being, #4 being the most egocentric option.

Jane R.
Jane R3 years ago

I would prefer #1 or #4. Being a diamond in a ring or necklace that my daughter could wear and keep me with her always rather than have ashes in an urn seems to make more sense.
#4 Cryogenic Freezing appeals to me the most. However I think it would be outrageously expensive with no guarantee that it works. I wish it could.
How would someone from our pioneer days feel about coming alive again in a world they know nothing about? They would be totally lost and who knows what would happen to their minds. They might commit suicide to escape the unknown world they were brought into. Think about a person who lived in this world when they farmed, raised cattle and had gunfights. Then suddenly they were brought into a world of computers, airplanes, cars, microwaves, TV's and more.
Could they handle it or would they wish they were dead again? Many might be happy to just be alive and learn to cope with all the new technology, but others might lose their minds.
I'd be willing to try this alternative if I could afford it I wish there was a way to donate your body for this to see if it works. .

Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

I believe in the dust to dust, ashes to ashes stream of life. Once I'm gone, cremate me and let me fertilize the groves I loved to walk in life. Seems only fair to give back to what has given me so much.

Heidi Wood
Heidi Wood3 years ago

I like this one Become a Coral Reef but I have also thought about donating my body for science the crime one. Now I will have to think about it.

Diane C.
Past Member 3 years ago

I'm interested in and curious about #1 and 3. 2 is depressing--more space clutter--just what we need; and I wonder if the use of resources for the cryogenic option will be justified by the result. (Not saying it can't be, just wondering out loud...)

Sharon L.
Sharon L3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Catrin K.
Catrin S3 years ago

Donating body to science, natural burial in the woods or coral reef are 3 things that i would consider .

Rose Roma
Rose R3 years ago

The 1st 3 ideas are wondrous. It is always great to learn new concepts. However, it is a tad controlling and denying to plan too much out. Even with a will or prepayment there are no guarantees what wishes will be honored after you have passed. All the more important to be fully present and carefully involved today -- BE Here now.