4 Principles to Manifest Publicity for Your Message

For the first five years of my professional life (2001Ė2005), I ran a public relations business in Manhattan. I represented nightclubs, restaurants and tons of trendy brands. Though this career seemed really cool on the outside, it didnít serve me on the inside. In 2005, following a period of intense personal growth and transformation, I shifted gears to become a speaker and author, teaching spirituality and personal development.

This transition may seem a little strange, but it was all part of the Universeís very divine plan. As I embarked on my journey as a spiritual teacher, I knew that while I had something important to share, it would be another thing entirely to make sure my message was heard. My strong background in publicity became an awesome asset when it came to spreading my message with the world.

In a few short years I managed to manifest some of the most sought-after publicity placements in the world. A feature in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, a six-page feature in Elle magazine, numerous magazine and newspaper cover stories, and countless TV placements. None of this happened by chance. Each of these placements manifested through intention, service and faith in my message. Of course I took a ton of action to co-create these hits, but each action was backed by my spiritual faith. Early in the process I came to realize that action without spiritually aligned intention doesnít get you very far.

If you have an empowering message you want to share but are struggling with the publicity process, this blogís for you! Iíve merged my PR chops with my miracle mindset to create a powerful process that will help you build a publicity plan that is backed with powerful energy and inspirational intentions. Iím here to demystify the publicity game and help you bring a spiritually minded approach to the process. My intention is to inspire you to become unapologetic about spreading your empowering message.

The core principles for manifesting media for your message:

1. Connect to the service behind your brand
If your work is backed with intention to serve, it will be wildly supported. When our intention is to serve the greater WE rather than ME, an invisible force takes over and energizes the entire project. Tap into this invisible force by reconnecting to the service behind your brand. Ask yourself: How does my work serve the world? Once a day, sit in meditation and envision your work helping others in some way. By tapping into the collective resonance of service you immediately connect to the Universal wire and your spiritual media alert goes live!

2. Craft your authentic story
Garnering publicity is all about a great story. From a spiritual perspective, that story must be super-charged with inspiration and love. Think about it: When you tell a story youíre passionate about, people pick up on your vibes and want to hear more. But when you tell a story that youíre disconnected to, you wonít be heard. Therefore, this step is all about authentically connecting to the story youíre telling about your work. When you tune into the authenticity behind the message the story will take on a life of its own.

3. Hold powerful visions
We must learn to see beyond our physical sight if we want to manifest our desires. Through a dedicated meditation practice you can begin to tap into your right brainís creative capacity. Use your imagination to ďimage makeĒ and envision your dream media placements. See yourself on TV sitting next to your favorite anchor and visualize your business featured in the perfect publication for your brand. The most important step in this process is to make sure youíre energetically connected to the vision. For instance, if you donít believe you can be on Ellen, donít hold that vision. Envision what you can get behind and what you believe in. Believing is receiving. Hold powerful visions.

4. Go big
Weíve just begun to scratch the surface of the media manifestation process. There are several more in-depth steps in this process. If you want to learn more, join me this September for my live course, God Is My Publicist, hosted by Hay House.

Join me September 19, September 26 and October 3 for my live tele-course outlining the 7 Key Principles for Manifesting Media for Your Message. As a bonus, youíll receive: A FREE compilation of seven 20-minute instructional videos on how to create a spiritual publicity plan, plus a 90-minute live lecture video from my God is My Publicist talk, so you can tap into the inspiration and instruction anytime! Sign up here!



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Emma S.
Emma S5 years ago

Thank you, Gabby. A timely reminder!

Michael Wecke
Michael Wecke5 years ago

Passion, vision, focus, service - and nowadays the power of technology...add to that someone who cares to share her experience with you and me, I don't think too much can go wrong. Thanks for the post, Gabby!

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Thanks Gabby.

Christina Robertson
Tina Robertson5 years ago

I am passing this onto my daughter who has just started in a new medical field, working with people in the health, wellness, fitness and rehab companies. She is also a natural health practitioner who meditates and believes in the spirituality of the universe......thanks for your article.

Lourdes Acevedo
Lourdes Acevedo5 years ago

thanks for sharing!