4 Psychological Tricks to Make Exercising Easier

Most people give up on exercising too soon because they let their minds get in the way. Itís really the only explanation as to why two people with the exact same health issues can have such different results. One grows to love exercise while the other gives up.

With some mindset shifts and tools they’ll be able to overcome the psychological barriers that keep people from fitness.

Acknowledge your body is going through a change.

Your body is going to be aching the first few days of a new exercise regimen. Thatís just your body telling you that itís doing something itís not used to.

Your ego might get very strong here, perhaps telling you itís not worth the effort, but again itís only because youíre changing a habit. Youíve been operating one way until now, so clearly youíre going to feel some resistance as you change your behavior.

Just be mindful of this as you move into your fitness journey and youíll be able to overcome the initial battle.

Start saying affirmations when things get tough

What do most people do when exercise gets difficult? They complain and focus on how much it sucks. This in turn makes the whole experience even worse.

If youíre constantly complaining about how difficult it is, how likely do you think you are to continue exercising? Not very.

One way to combat this is to start saying affirmations when things get difficult. For example, letís say youíve started a running schedule and the intervals that particular day are difficult. Rather than focusing on how much your legs hurt or how hard it is, start saying your affirmations in your mind.

Granted, there is a difference between saying affirmations and lying to yourself. It will be difficult to believe ďI am not soreĒ when you clearly are.

Instead, focus on any goals you may be wanting to achieve this year. One thing I do when Iím running and it gets tough is to do affirmations having to do with my business goals. This motivates me to keep going and before I know it Iíve completely forgotten about how much I was starting to hate running.

Remind yourself itís about feeling good.

Most people start working out because they want to lose weight. Right out of the gate they are more concerned with how they look rather than how they feel.

When they donít see the results they want right away, like losing 5 pounds within a month, then they quit because they donít see the point in continuing.

Rather than focusing on a superficial goal, start focusing on how you feel. Do you feel better? Are you more energetic? Have your stress levels improved?

Focusing on these factors is more motivating because these improvements start almost right away, meanwhile physical goals could take a while.

Create a goal around showing up.

Look, if youíre not used to exercising then even something as simple as getting to the gym can be a big win.

One trick many people find helpful is to create a fitness goal around the idea of showing up. That is to say, rather than once again focusing on how much weight you want to lose, focus on how many times you want to show up to the gym.

Again, this is more motivating then focusing on weight loss because the goal is much easier to accomplish. It gives you some juice as you see yourself working toward your goal. The physical goals are just an added benefit of your primary goal of showing up.

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