4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Plant-Based

It has been estimated that going plant-based will be the biggest food trend of 2018. And it’s not hard to imagine why! The health benefits of including more whole, healthy plant foods into one’s diet abound, not to mention the environmental benefits for Mother Earth are compelling. And, if someone identifies as a vegan, it’s usually because they translate their compassion for all animals into dietary action.

Whatever your personal reasons for considering a switch, there are a few questions to ponder beforehand. Asking and answering these questions just may help you feel more prepared and empowered to take on the powerful transition to plant-based eating.

1) Why do I want to make the switch?

Just like New Year’s resolutions, the reasons why we pursue a certain goal matter greatly. It makes a big difference whether we are doing something because our significant other encouraged us to give it a try and we shrug and say “okay” or we are committed to something deeply personal and meaningful.

2) What are my plant-based eating goals?

Moving toward this way of eating can take many, many forms. Perhaps your goal is to eat meatless on Mondays. Maybe, instead, you want to eat plant-based meals during the week and eat more Standard American Diet fare over the weekends. Or maybe you’re someone who wants to go “cold Tofurky,” completely overhaul your dietary habits, and never look back. Establish reasonable and realistic goals from the outset so you know what you’re striving toward.

3) How will I overcome obstacles?

Looking ahead, what potential speed bumps may come your way? Preparing for these is essential so stumbling is minimal. For some, knowledge of how to cook plant foods is the biggest hurdle (if this is the case, check out online tutorials and super-simple meal planning guides to make the kitchen a less intimidating place). For others, navigating the social politics of foods is the hardest part (if this is so, arm yourself with the basic knowledge of plant-based benefits to quickly turn confronting conversations around). Know what the tough spots are likely to be so you can feel confident to power through them.

4) Where will I find support and resources?

In the age of social media, there are countless ways to stay connected with people who share common goals and philosophies. Find an online group who can help you with FAQ and support. Create a network of resources that you trust to provide quality information (be discerning here – not all vegan or plant-based creators produce factual content). Make a vegan buddy through a local veg group or meet-up so you always have someone who understands the ups and downs of adopting a lifestyle that many try to put down and discredit.

Stay true to what’s meaningful for you – there are plenty of people out there who will support you on your journey.

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