4 Reasons Why There’s More to Life Than Marriage

By Chť Blackwood for Cupidís Pulse, via DivineCaroline

If romantic comedies and romance novels are to be believed, all single women are on a crazed mission to marry the man of their dreams. They arenít on a journey to know themselves, find a job they love, test out their creativity or enjoy life: those are all secondary goals on the road to getting a husband. Of course, Hollywood also says women wear makeup to bed, so itís clear that cinema doesnít always portray things the way they really are. In the real world, humans are complex, and true inner happiness takes more than sporting a ring on your finger. Before getting swept up in the mighty hype of marriage, take stock of these components of your life and be sure youíre nourishing them as well:

1. Your goals: Planning ahead, working hard and motivating yourself to accomplish your personal goals are some of lifeís most rewarding challenges. The more you accomplish, the more your life will open up. Go back to school, save enough money to buy a brand new car, write a book, whatever. Once you start meeting your goals, youíll realize just how capable you are. Plus, youíll be happier. Without achieving personal fulfillment on your own, youíll never be completely fulfilled while in a relationship.

2. Your fears: Itís scary to take risks, because when you do, you can often lose something. Of course, youíll also find new benefits when you take chances. Moving to a new city could make you lonely, but it also could open your world to romantic restaurants, new friends and amazing experiences. Even if you fail, the rewards of learning from your mistakes are too large to miss out on. Until you feel comfortable facing your fears, you wonít be able to navigate the tough waters of love. Nothing is as risky as leaving your heart in the hands of someone else, and itís too difficult to even attempt until youíve learned how to lose as well as win.

3. Your career: It might seem obvious, but if you canít provide for yourself, youíre also going to have a hard time providing for anyone else. Full-time jobs, high salaries and executive positions are never required for happiness, but you may definitely need some type of income. In this economy, an even greater challenge is finding a job you actually like. If you feel accomplished, recognized and appreciated at work, your overall happiness at home and with your partner will skyrocket.

4. Your friends: Taking trips, talking until the early morning and sipping wine after a hard week are some of the sweeter moments of a friendship. However, maintaining such bonds takes a lot more than just the ability to have fun. Friendships take work, patience and commitment. If you listen to your girlfriend vent for three hours over her boss, youíll learn that while no relationship is easy, theyíre all worth the effort. Take the time out of your busy schedule and nurture those relationships. The better friend you are, the better friends youíll receive in return.




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Jessica K.
Jessica K4 years ago

Good tips, but the article seems to imply this is only for singles. These are important goals for those who are not also. Thanks.

Elena Poensgen
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Melania Padilla
Melania P6 years ago

So agree, thanks! Sharing

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

thanks... but love can make the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling :) just let things happen

Ahlam Zaid
Ahlam Zaid6 years ago

Being single is like being rich :)))

Heather M
Heather Marv6 years ago

A good article.

Elaya Raja
Elaya Raja6 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful information. Regards :-)

Elaya Raja
Elaya Raja6 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful information. Regards :-)

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare6 years ago

If I find The One, thats great. If I dont, whatever, I have lots of things to do.

Christian R.
C Rocklein6 years ago

some interesting comments.. i feel both sides.