4 Simple Exercises to Reduce Eye Strain

Do you sit at a computer for most of the day? Eye strain — also called eye fatigue — is a pretty common result.

Even if your job isn’t computer-related, there’s a good chance that you’re engaging inmore screen time than you think. After all, watching TV after work or checking your smartphone throughout the daycan be tough onyour eyestoo.

In a2015 report,The Vision Council examineddigital eye strain, its causes and its impacts on our health. According to their findings, almost 30 percent of peopleuse screens for more than nine hours eachday. And that takes a serious toll on our eyes.

Additionally, they reported that 93.3 percent of adults use screens for more than two hours per day. That can mean more traditional screens, like the TV and computer, as well astablets or smartphones. All of that exposure to screens adds up throughout the day.

Symptoms of eye strain

The Vision Council report explains that screens emit something called blue light, which is especially hard on our eyes. When we stare at screens, we also tend toblink less. If you spend a lot of time in front of screens, you might experience:

  • headaches
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • dry and irritated eyes
  • blurry vision or difficulty focusing on things that are far away

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The symptoms of eye strain can indicate other illnesses, so if taking a screen break or incorporating the followingexercises into your day-to-day doesn’thelp, definitely see a doctor to rule out something more serious.

Do you sit at a computer for most of the day? Learn about how screen time impacts eye health and try some of these simple exercises for eye strain.

Simple exercises for eye strain

The best way to combat eye strain is to minimize screen time. If possible, take breaks when you’re working on the computer orbinge-watching Gilmore Girls. If you overdid it on screen time, these exercises can also help you feel better.

The video above demonstrates exercises one, two and three.

1. Figure eights

When we stare at screens, our eyes don’t move very much. This exercise breaks up that routine with a little bit of movement.

2. The “hot dog”

Screens are usually close to our eyes, and this exercise helps you practicetransitioning between focusing on something nearby and something far away.


This simple exercise for eye straintakes just one minute to do. It feels great if your eyes are dry and achy.

Simple Exercises for Eye Strain: Distance Gazing

4. Distance gazing

This is another way to counteract that nearsighted feeling youget from using screens all day — and it’s so, so easy. Just stare at something far away. Lookout the window or head outside, and find something pleasant to gaze at.

Not only do these exercisesactively help your eyes feel better, but you’re alsoenjoying a little screen break while youdo them!

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