4 Smart Pranks For April Fools’ Day

While not an “official” holiday, April Fools’ Day aka All Fools’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It’s a day that can be filled with not so funny, not so clever, and not so nice pranks.

Since April also brings us Earth Day, I got to thinking that maybe April Fools’ pranks should get people’s attention by advocating something positive for our environment. Here are just a few ideas that I came up with.

How many times can a duct-taped, post-it covered, packing peanut covered cubicle be funny?  Turn the tables and organize a cleanup; hand the pranksters trash bags, or better yet, reusable bags, and have them collect these now wasted items, and then lead them on a field trip to the recycle containers, or take them to the nearest recycling center during lunch.

Turn the conference room, cubicle, office, or a room in your home into a mini beach, rock or zen garden. You don’t have to make a real mess when you bring in sand for these, you can just make it look like you did. Fill up a box or several boxes, or even box lids with sand, white rocks or gravel, and then add your beach or garden items like an umbrella, blankets, towels, rocks, chairs, benches and of course greenery.

Since April Fools’ Day falls on Meatless Monday, why not “fool” your carnivore loving family members by making them an all vegetarian meal using meat substitutes? Serve them  vegetarian sushi or vegetarian burgers. Just make sure whatever you serve is one of your tastiest recipes. Not only will they be fooled, but they might actually consider changing their diet as well.

For that climate change denier in your family or close circle of friends, why not make a contribution to your favorite environmental organization in his/her name? A couple of my favorites include the Natural Resources Defense Council and Union of Concerned Scientists. Note: you might want to make sure they have a good sense of humor and your relationship is close enough before you do this one.


Mariana O.
Mariana O4 years ago


Cheryl B.
Cheryl B4 years ago


Patricia Norte
Mia Norte4 years ago

I think these pranks are not a good way to draw attention to the environment, even if your intentions are good.

Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley4 years ago


Emily P.
Emily P4 years ago

Ha, I love the donation idea.

Dale O.

Latoya B...a 'carnivore' is a polar bear, an obligate carnivore is a domestic cat/wild Big Cat such as a tiger...cats must eat meat hence the word 'obligate',,,omnivores such as black bears, dogs and humans eat some meat. A vegan doesn't eat meat, eggs, dairy or honey while avoiding other animal products. Vegans don't wear items such as wool and a vegetarian doesn't eat meat but some eat eggs, cheese, yogurt. Back in the dinosaur days, a Tyrannosaurus-rex was the granddaddy of carnivores. As for myself, I am a contented omnivore, avoiding factory farmed meat and going for organic foods including small amounts of organic meat. No, I would not be interested in tricking either a vegan or vegetarian into eating meat, that isn't my style.

Dale O.

"Not only will they be fooled, but they might actually consider changing their diet as well."

Sure, sure, deluding oneself into believing that is the biggest joke of all. If people want to change their diet, they will. No amount of 'fooling' anyone with one meal is going to convert anyone to either vegetarianism or veganism. There is nothing wrong with trying all sorts of different food but people will choose what is best for their lifestyle... not what others think that people should do.

Sheri P.
Sheri P4 years ago

ha! i like the meatless meal "trick"...LOL!

Spirit Spider
Spirit Spider4 years ago


Barb Hansen
Ba H4 years ago

try not to get fired or punched when you act like a child