4 Surprising Fat-Burning Foods

When it comes to burning fat, not all foods are created equally.  We all know we should eat more vegetables, cut back on sugar, avoid fast food, among other dietary changes to lose weight.  But simply adding the following surprising fat-burners to your diet may also help speed your weight loss.  Proven to speed fat loss, they are an excellent addition to a healthy weight loss program.  Of course, if you suffer from any medical condition or allergy you should consult with your doctor or a nutritionist before making any dietary changes.  The four surprising fat-burning foods include:

According to Harvard research, eating 3 ounces of nuts daily helps people lose one inch of fat from their waist per month.  The scientists at Harvard also found that people who eat 3 ounces of nuts daily were more likely to keep the fat off.  Of course you should avoid salted nuts.  Choose raw nuts that are kept refrigerated to prevent the healthy fats they contain from going rancid.

Fish and Seafood:
Recent research shows that when you eat fish or seafood, you’ll stay full for two hours longer than you normally would.  Fish and seafood increase the body’s production of a hormone called leptin that shuts down hunger pangs between meals.

Loaded with healthy Omega 9 fatty acids, the same fats found in olive oil, olives, and macadamia nuts, avocado’s Omega 9s speed the conversion of fat into energy and boost the rate of metabolism.

Coconut is rich with medium chain triglycerides (MCFAs) which increase the liver’s rate of metabolism by up to 30%, according to some experts.  They also help keep you full so you’re less likely to snack on junk food.  Coconut oil frequently aids the functioning of the thyroid gland.  Coconut oil, coconut milk (not the low fat variety), coconut flour, and shredded (unsweetened) coconut all contain this important fat.

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Michelle Schoffro Cook, MSc, PhD, RNCP, ROHP


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