4 Things You Can Do to Make Your Job Better

Are you in love with your job? Sure, everyone has good days and bad days at work, but if you love your job, even the bad days arenít so bad. If youíre not quite in love with your job (or far from it) there are some things you can do to make your job better, easier, or more amenable to the rest of your life. If you canít love your job, you can certainly grow more fond of it. Hereís how.

Make your job work for you.

You spend a lot of time at work, and you want that time to be productive, not stressful. Identify the pain points that occur while youíre on the job. Are you constantly waiting for information/help/permission from a team or individual who isnít accessible? Do you have a less-than-friendly relationship with someone you need to work with every day? What makes you cringe at work? Figure out whatís not working, and develop a plan to turn it around. Whether itís sitting down to have a difficult but necessary conversation with someone or going to human resources for mediation help, take the steps necessary to address these problems.

Spend less time at work.

Weíre not suggesting you start shirking your responsibilities, but ask your boss for a flexible schedule that allows you to get out of the office. Your productivity and happiness may both increase if youíre able to work from a coffee shop in the afternoon. Or, avoid rush hour traffic by shifting your work hours to earlier or later. Who wouldnít feel better about their job if they could avoid nightmare commuter traffic every day?

Pursue your true passions.

If your current job isnít the ďdreamĒ you imagined, think about how you can start pursuing your passions. Whether itís starting a side business at night or on the weekends, taking up a hobby that lets you be creative and independent, or doing something more drastic–switching to a part-time schedule so you can really pursue your dreams–take a chance and start working on things you love. If you have something new and exciting to look forward to outside of work, you might feel happier overall.

Work from home.

Find better work-life balance, avoid annoying colleagues, distractions, and other office interruptions, and get more done–all the result of working from home. In a survey of over 800 job seekers, 82 percent said they want to work from home to avoid interruptions from their colleagues and 79 percent say they think working from home will help them find better work-life balance. And a Stanford University study found that telecommuters are 11 to 15 percent more productive than their office-bound counterparts. Telecommuting will help you get more work done, and productivity is always a good thing.

If your job isnít quite living up to your hopes or expectations, there are things you can do to shake it up and make it better. And if none of these options work, you might want to consider finding a new job.

Brie Weiler Reynolds is the Director of Online Content at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings, and a contributing writer t0 1 Million for Work Flexibility. Brie provides career and job search advice through the FlexJobs Blog.


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Elaine Wabout a year ago

Good advice. Thanks.

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Elena Poensgen1 years ago

Thank you

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Barb Hansen
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it's always disappointing that these posts are mostly aimed at office employees.

Sue H.
Sue H3 years ago

Thanks for sharing. This does make me glad to be retired.

Amanda M.
Amanda M3 years ago

But I'm a stay-at-home mom-my job and home are one and the same! What are those of us who are hopelessly burned out on the unrelenting housework to do, especially if we HATE housework? Don't even get me started on how people keep insisting that our job is NOT a REAL job, or how computers keep labeling us as "unemployed" on forms! Both are total bitchslaps to our dignity and respect!

I've put my foot down and told everybody that they need to pull their weight more, especially my husband. I don't CARE if he just got home from a long commute-if I can't sit down and relax until my work is done, neither can he-housework is man's work too, after all!

Last night, he brought in the dishes from the living room and made a point of telling me how he brought them all in, even though most of them weren't his. I merely looked at him and retorted, "So what's the big deal? You expect ME to do that EVERY DAY!"

They can all start pulling their own weight, dammit. I'm NOT their slave, and since I don't rate a paycheck for some dumbass reason, that's what I feel like at times!