4 Ways to Induce Autophagy and Slow Aging

We all want to stay young. But spending thousands of dollars on anti-aging creams wonít keep you young. A far more effective strategy is to induce autophagy in your body.

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is a process by which your body cleans out toxins and repairs worn out cells. Think of it as your†body’s way of creating garbage bags that collect dead, diseased and worn out cells, and then putting them in a recycler, where they are converted into energy or new cell parts.

Research shows that autophagy slows the aging process, fights inflammation, and lowers the risk of cancer, Alzheimerís and Parkinsonís disease.

4 Ways to Induce Autophagy and Slow Aging

4 Ways to Induce Autophagy

You†have to induce autophagy, since it doesnít occur naturally. Here are four effective ways to do that.

1. Fast Regularly

Studies show that some of the benefits of fasting, like fighting diabetes and heart disease, may be attributed to autophagy. This doesnít mean you have to do intermittent fasting to induce autophagy. You can use occasional 24-hour fasts.

Itís actually easier to fast for 24 hours than you may think. You just need to skip breakfast and lunch to complete a 24-hour fast. In short, eat dinner then avoid eating until dinnertime the next day.

Do 24-hour fasts once a week or every two weeks. If you prefer intermittent fasting, here is how to do it.

2. Exercise Every Day

It turns out that exercise has more anti-aging benefits than we previously thought. Research shows that regular exercise induces autophagy. In the study, researchers found that running on the treadmill for 30 minutes induced autophagy.

Researchers donít know the optimal workout duration for humans to induce autophagy, since this was an animal study, but they recommend engaging in challenging workouts for maximum benefits.

Try exercising for 20-30 minutes every day. If you donít have time, do a 10-workout in the morning and evening.

3. Lower Your Carb Intake

Some studies show that going on a ketogenic diet can induce autophagy.

Donít feel disappointed if you donít want to go keto. This study says that you can get similar benefits by making sure your carbs intake doesnít exceed 30 percent of your total daily caloric intake. Now, thatís totally doable, isnít it?

4. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can interfere with autophagy,†because this process occurs during sleep. This animal study confirms that sleep deprivation alters autophagy. Make sure you get enough sleep every night and maintain the same sleeping schedule.

Lastly, some foodsósuch as ginger, coffee, green tea, coconut oil and turmericóhave been shown to induce autophagy.

Inducing autophagy is more effective than most anti-aging tricks out there, so take advantage of this process.

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I agree with Heather. If I do not eat (and I am not diabetic), I am shaky and light headed.

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