4th of July Date Ideas

A day off work to spend with your honey and a night of fireworks—not to mention eating your weight in hot dogs. Juy 4th is the perfect excuse to ignite some fireworks (the legal kind) in your own relationship. Read on for fun last-minute date ideas for Independence Day and the long weekend:

1. Hit the Great Outdoors

Sure, you can pack a nighttime picnic…or you can find an outdoor concert…but why do just one of those when you can do both? The great thing about outdoor concerts is that you don’t have to buy a ticket and stand in the middle of a huge crowd to hear the music. Bring a blanket and a cooler full of snacks, and find a patch of grass on the perimeter of an outdoor concert being held at a local park. You’ll get some privacy to canoodle, with the added bonus of live music within earshot.

2. Brush Up On Your American History

Plenty of us live near an American memorial, museum, or landmark—and what better time to feel a little patriotic and learn new things than July 4th? Hit up Google to see what’s in your area and plan a day date with your boo—ditching the same-old for a novel activity is a great way to bond.

3. Hit the Water

If you don’t have a river or lake nearby (kayaking, anyone?), or a pool at home, see if there’s a nearby water park or even community pool you can grab a day pass to. You can even rent a houseboat or yacht for the day or night (or longer) from rental sites like airbnb.com. Popping champagne and watching fireworks on a yacht? You’re so romantic!

4. Dinner and a Movie…With a Twist

Itching to stay away from the crowds and fireworks and enjoy a quiet night in instead? You can still celebrate and plan something a little out of the ordinary. Load up on movies like Born on the Fourth of July and The Patriot, and fire up the outdoor grill (or your skillet) for burgers and grilled veggies.

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5. Find a Rooftop Bar

The warm weather is already reason enough to get all dressed up and take your date night to a rooftop bar, and even more so for the chance to spot fireworks. Find out what area of your neighborhood will have the best views of fireworks, and head to a rooftop spot nearby.

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A very good way for celebrating the occasion is to have a barbecue party in your garden with all your friends and have a wonderful day- away from technology and all gadgets. Going on a picnic with near and dear ones is also a great idea.

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Ideas appropriate for beyond 4th of July as well.