5 Christmas Casseroles Made Vegan

Christmas casseroles are an easy way to feed your whole family (and more) during this holiday season. They are simple to make, can keep long, and you can prepare them the night before. Casseroles can be pre-made on Christmas Eve and popped in the oven to heat up on Christmas day. It’s a time-saver and will leave you with more time celebrating with family and friends and opening presents! You can also freeze these main dishes after Christmas for some leftovers throughout the rest of the week. Casseroles are great to bring over for a potluck Christmas party or even into the office a couple days before the holiday. Try making the Butternut Squash, Portobello, and Spinach Casserole with Vegan Sausage and even the meat-eaters in your life will be amazed that this dish is completely vegan! Or how about a Green Bean Casserole, a perfect side dish to any dinner?

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These casseroles will leave you feeling full, warm, and comforted.


Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey4 years ago

These do sound great except for the admission of eating "meat".

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Ruth Ann W.
Ruth Ann W4 years ago

These sound great. You do not have to be vegan to eat well, but no need for omnivores to get defensive either, eh?. These are great recipes. Thank you for sharing

Erica Writesel
Erica Writesel4 years ago

I'll be trying a couple of these. Thank you!

Shivanie Singh
Shivanie Singh4 years ago

Wow! Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer C.
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Nils Anders Lunde
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Annemarie Sens
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you so very much for this article, I am Vegan and love it.

Christina C.
Christina C4 years ago

Thank you for the recipes!

Vicky P.
Vicky P4 years ago

doesn't look like something I'd really eat besides the green bean one, thanks