5 Craft Projects for Vintage Pillowcases

Crafting with reclaimed fabrics like vintage pillowcases helps give an old piece a new life while keeping your sewing projects more eco-friendly at the same time!

There’s something really special about vintage linens. The fabrics are lovely and soft from so many washings, and they’re obviously sturdy to have held up for so long. Their colors and patterns speak to their history, and every vintage piece has its own story to tell.

If you’ve been struck by the beautiful vintage pillowcases at your local thrift store but weren’t sure what to do with them, we’ve got a few projects for you!

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by lisaclarke

1. Pillowcase Apron

This two-part video shows you how to turn a vintage pillowcase into a sweet, functional apron for all of your entertaining! I love the unique design she uses and how she preserves some of the pretty, embroidered details from the original piece.

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2. Pillowcase Laundry Bag

Selvedge Studio shows you how to turn an old pillowcase into a laundry bag. It’s a simple project and a great way to use pillowcases that maybe have a nice pattern but aren’t in the best of shape. Who cares if a laundry bag has a few spots or even small holes, right?

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3. Drawstring Skirt

This simple tutorial from The Discount Trendsetter shows you how to transform a pillowcase into a stylish drawstring skirt.

I’m a big believer that skirts ought to have pockets. If you feel the same way, it’s easy as pie to add a couple of pockets to the front of your skirt! Just cut two pieces of fabric to 5″x6″. Fold, press, and stitch a seam along the top of each piece of your fabric, then press the unfinished edges under and sew the pockets right onto your skirt. Easy peasy!

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4. Pillowcase Laptop Sleeve

Don’t think I forgot about the fellas! This is a great project for crafty guys and gals who are into their gadgets. Rather than spending a lot of cash on a laptop sleeve from a big box store, you can upcycle a pillowcase to fit your laptop perfectly. Lifehacker shares this simple video showing you how to make a laptop sleeve from a pillowcase.

If you want to give your laptop sleeve some extra charm, try adding embellishments like an applique or pretty buttons.

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5. Child’s Pillowcase Dress

Turning a pillowcase into a dress is nothing new, but this video tutorial from Made by Marzipan really takes this concept to the next level. I love the ruffled bib and the button details, don’t you? Not only do I love this finished product, but it looks like she uses pretty much the whole pillowcase to create this look, which means you’re creating very little waste with this pillowcase dress.

Have you guys done anything crafty with pillowcases? Share away in the comments!

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