5 Craziest Pet Products (Slideshow)


Everyone knows a pampered pet. The dog who never goes outside without shoes on. The cat that would never even dream of eating dry food. But sometimes, do we take our love for our pets too far? That’s certainly debatable. And, of course, some pet parents subject their four-legged friends more for their own enjoyment, and to the detriment of Fido or Fluffy. From kitty headwear to dog houses fit for a king, click through to check out some of the most outrageous products on their market.

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1. Cat Wigs.

Who needs natural beauty when you’ve got wigs?! Amazingly enough, there’s an entire line of cat wigs out there; and, one can only assume, plenty of cats that are none too pleased with their human companions.

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2. Goldfish Walker.

Who said only four-legged friends get to go on walks? Enter the goldfish walker. A British man created this device when he noticed that his goldfish looked bored in their tiny tank. He told a newspaper that the fish actually enjoy being taken for walks — as much as you can tell the emotions of a little fish, that is.

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3. Poo Trap.

For thousands of years, dogs just did their business and the rest of us were none the wise — as long as we didn’t step in it! But now that virtually everywhere in United States has laws requiring pet parents to clean up after their four-legged friend, us humans are left with the indelicate task of picking up poop. Unless you have a poo trap, of course. Yep, just like horses, you can buy a product that catches your dog’s poop and saves you the hassle of cleaning it up.

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4. Dog Chalet.

Your beloved pooch only deserves the finest, right? You don’t want Fido slummin’ it in some little shack. For the ultimate in doggy luxury, get your pet this doggy chalet — just make sure you have $5,300 to spare. Try to forget that your dog’s house is nicer than your own.

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5. Pet Pop.

Though Pet Pop is marketed as a doggie soda, it actually contains nothing other than a little natural dye — no carbonation, no sugar, no artificial things you can’t pronounce. So, really, it’s not unhealthy, it’s just a little absurd. Your dog needs her own bottled water?! Colorful bottled water?! I just don’t know anymore…

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Past Member 2 years ago

oh, for heaven's sake.... get a grip

JL A3 years ago


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 3 years ago

Totally a waste of $$$$. Difficult to picture people buying any of these idiotic contraptions.

Sue H.
Sue H4 years ago

Hard to imagine that people would actually spend money on most of this stuff.

Mudassar Ahmad
Mudassar Ahmad4 years ago


Mudassar Ahmad
Mudassar Ahmad4 years ago


krysta I.
Past Member 4 years ago

The Chalet is not a bad idea if made from recycled/recyclable materials.

Borg Drone
Past Member 4 years ago

Poo Trap LMAO... I could use one of those LOL

brittany h.
brittany h4 years ago

Too funny