5 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is only a few weeks away (June 17th), and if you’re planning to give dad a handmade gift this year, now’s a good time to get started!

Sure, it can be quicker and easier to hit the big box store for a gift, but those purchases come with a hefty carbon footprint. Chances are, your store-bought gift was made in a far off factory under questionable labor conditions. When you make something yourself, you also have total control over the components, so you can not only make something eco-friendly but create a Father’s Day gift that’s 100 percent unique!

Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are 5 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, each with a video tutorial.

Next: Make an upcycled messenger bag.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by ee1o

1. Upcycled Messenger Bag

The folks at MAKE show you how to turn old plastic grocery bags into a durable, usable messenger bag that dad will love! Whether he rides a bike, takes the train, or even drives to work, this bag will definitely come in handy. You can snag the Creative Commons design over at MAKE.

Next: Turn an old necktie into a gadget case.

2. Necktie Gadget Case

Is your dad into gadgets and gizmos? You can use an old necktie from your stash or pick one up at the thrift store. It’s easy as pie to turn an old necktie into a gadget case for dad. You can make this project totally recycled by using a vintage button instead of a new one!

Next: DIY bowtie from an old pair of pants

3. DIY Bowtie

Does your dad rock a bowtie? Next time you’re shortening a pair of pants, save that hem! You can turn it into a super awesome bowtie for Father’s Day. Of course, if you don’t happen to be hemming any pants in the next few weeks, you can hit the thrift store for a pair of secondhand pants and save the parts you don’t use for the bowtie to use in a future project.

Next: Make a reusable coffee cozy

4. Reusable Coffee Cozy

Is your pops a coffee drinker? Help him green his on-the-go caffeine fix with a homemade coffee cozy. This video from Northwestern University shows you how to make dad a reusable coffee cozy out of recycled felt. Of course, it’s even better if dad brings a reusable cup for his coffee, but for the days that he forgets, having this cozy stashed in his desk means one less item headed to the landfill.

Next: Upcycled domino coasters

5. Upcycled Domino Coasters

You can use dominoes, like in the video above, or Scrabble tiles to make these coasters! The only change that I’d make: instead of hot glue, you’re better off using e6000 craft adhesive. It’s not the most eco-friendly, but hot glue can get brittle when it gets too cold, and since your dad is going to put cold drinks on these coasters, you want these suckers to last!

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Sara M.
Sara M.5 years ago

I agree with Kelsey- I love Scoot & Doodle! It's my favorite new site and a great way to connect with dad on Father's day. I actually participated in their Google #weeklychallenge and made my dad his card online. Pretty cool!

Kelsey B.
Kelsey B.5 years ago

For the Dad who has everything...accept enough time with his kids, here's a great Father's Day gift that will help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Scoot & Doodle offers a family-friendly online playspace where families play and grow closer, face-to face, using the shared doodle pad. (http://scootdoodle.com/hangouts) For Dads that are away from their kids on a business trip, this kind of app is a great way for them to interact through more than just video. A child could draw a picture along with their dad in real-time. The cool part about Scoot & Doodle is that multiple people can draw at the same time, which makes a game like tic-tac-toe and pictionary possible. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer with a video camera and you can start hanging out. It's a free app on Google Hangouts.

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i wish i had a father :'(

Paula Tress
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i wish i had a father :'(

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Cool, thanks.

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Interesting article. But it's just easier for me to get what I know they would like/need! That way you can't go wrong!

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