5 DIY Mother’s Day Projects

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8, and if you want to have a handmade holiday, now’s the time to get crafty! From flowers and decorations to the gift itself, there are lots of ways to add a bit of handmade charm to your Mother’s Day. Have you guys been doing any crafts to get ready for Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear what you’re up to in the comments!

1. Fabric Flowers

Instead of a cut bouquet that’s just going to wilt, why not whip up a bundle of forever flowers this year? Fabric flowers are fun and simple to make, and unlike a store bought bouquet they don’t come with a hefty carbon footprint. I’d recommend laying out all of your fabric pieces before you cut a thing to make sure you’re happy with your color selections. It will save you time in the end if you spend a few minutes on design at the beginning.

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2. Mother’s Day Fabric Banner

I think this cheery bunting would be a lovely gift for a mom that loves to entertain or a great way to decorate your own space for a festive Mother’s Day brunch. It’s also a great project to use up fabric scraps, so the banner can be recycled, too! You can customize your bunting by using colors and styles that mean “mom” to you or even use iron-on transfers to add words to customize it even more.

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3. Make a Customized Necklace

The video suggests getting your supplies at Michael’s, but you can green up this project by snagging vintage necklaces and pendants to take apart and reassemble. Try your local thrift stores, Etsy, and eBay to find vintage pieces that you can give a new life! You will need to invest in the glue they recommend and a spool of wire.

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4. DIY Perfume

Instead of a store bought perfume that’s full of mystery “fragrance” and other questionable ingredients, treat your mom to a custom scent you whip up yourself! Bonus points if you can track down a vintage vaporizer to package it. You can make this gift really special by choosing a pretty glass spray bottle to hold the scent and making a custom label to add a bit of flair.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Baking in Pearls

relaxing bath

5. Home Made Spa Kit

Conventional bath products aren’t very eco-friendly and they don’t have the heart of handmade. Here’s a quickie recipe roundup to create your own spa kit just for mom!

Package it all up in a pretty, thrifted basket and you’ve got a sweet, handmade Mother’s Day gift that’s eco-friendly to boot!

Do you guys have any handmade Mother’s Day plans? Share away in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by ladyb

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from paper flowers to perfume. nice. For all ages

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Thank you

Sarah Zemke
Sarah Z6 years ago

Thank you

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Warwick Neal6 years ago

I think I'll take the DIY spa option...thanks for the post.

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i love the home made spa kit

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over here in the U K . mother day was April 3

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I really like the perfume one..crystal mountain incense is the best I love their hand dipped incense sticks and they are really heady and delicious smelling...i usually like to paint her something

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Thank you so much for the post.