5 Energy Thieves and How to Avoid Them

There are thieves among us, stealing our energy and harming our health. What are these energy thieves, and what can we do about them?

Everything we do, from what we eat and drink to what we wear has an impact on our energy levels. Our health is affected by our energy and our energy is affected by our health.

Energy Health Specialist Debra Greene, PhD, author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health, says that in addition to a physical body, we also have an energy body, otherwise known as a biofield. This energy body plays a vital role in our overall health and well-being.

Dr. Greene agreed to unmask some of these every day energy thieves for us, and to offer some tips on how we can avoid them.

5 Energy Thieves and How to Avoid Them

Thief #1: Depleted Food

Depleted food refers to food that has been microwaved, treated with chemicals, or genetically altered (GMOs). Sadly, that’s the bulk of many an American diet. According to Dr. Greene, those things rob food of its life force, and we end up eating what she calls “hungry food.” Rather than giving you energy, such food actually robs you of energy. And guess what? That makes you eat even more!

“Every living thing, including plants, animals, and humans, has an energy body. When that energy is intact, the food is vitalizing and nourishing. When the energy is depleted, the food can steal your energy.”

To avoid this:

Trust in nature. Avoid processed, enhanced, laboratory engineered food, and food loaded with additives and preservatives. Overcooking can also rob food of precious nutrients. Choose foods that are fresh and organically grown. “Mother nature is very intelligent and produces food that is compatible with life,” says Dr. Greene.

Thief #2: Dead Water

Ah, there’s nothing quite like fresh, clean water. It cools, refreshes, and revitalizes. According to Dr. Greene, water can take on the energy imprint of other substances. It is an essential medium through which energy flows throughout the system.

By the time we reach for a glass of water from the kitchen tap, it has passed through a treatment system and processing that effectively “deadens” the water. Bottled water also has its problems. Trapped in plastic bottles, stored in dark warehouses, and sitting on store shelves under fluorescent lighting takes a toll. Dead water doesn’t sound particularly refreshing or revitalizing.

To avoid this:

Natural spring water is best. Urban living and modern life in general makes that a bit of a problem, acknowledges Dr. Greene. But we’re not powerless.

“You can take control of your water by using a home water system. This way you know what youíre getting in terms of purity and need not rely on the claims of an unregulated bottled water industry. Youíll also avoid the proliferation of plastic bottles. Check specifications before buying a filtration unit to make sure the filter removes a long list of known toxins and not just superficial impurities.†In addition to filtration, ionization units that restructure the water are anti-oxidizing and allow you to adjust the pH of the water. This is important because alkalinizing your body through water and food choices appears to have significant health benefits.”

Thief #3: Blocker Fabrics

As you might expect, clothing also has an effect on our energy health. We generally feel better when wearing natural fabrics, but did you know that they are conducive to energy flow, while synthetics block energy flow?

Dr. Greene explains. “If the energy body is covered with energy-blocking clothing, it cannot breathe, so to speak. This taxes it and can lead to a devitalized state. In general, natural fibers allow energy to flow. Fabrics that are plant and animal derived allow energy to travel through them without blocking it because, like humans, living plants and animals are energy based (they also have an energy body).”

To avoid this:

Stay away from chemically derived synthetics like nylon, microfibers, polyester, acrylic, spandex, acetate, olefin, and modacrylic. Also be on the lookout for the ever increasing list of trademarked fabrics that are made up of man-made synthetics.

Cotton, wool, hemp, cashmere, ramie, silk, linen, rayon/modal, and bamboo allow energy flow. As Dr. Greene puts it, “You canít trademark mother nature!”

Thief #4: Unnatural Light

So many of us spend our days under artificial light sources, but the sun produces a nutrient-rich energy that simply cannot be replicated. To maintain energy health, says Dr. Greene, we need natural sunlight. “Winter depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and the lack of vitamin D evident in people who do not get enough natural sunlight are just the tip of the iceberg.†Natural sunlight contains all the colors of the spectrum in uniform frequency patterns.†Artificial light is substandard and often lacking in many of the essential nutrients of the sun. Fluorescent light contains drastically inconsistent frequencies such as large energy peaks in the yellow, green and violet ranges; it also emits more electromagnetic radiation than incandescent light.”

To avoid this:

Ten minutes of afternoon sun on your skin every day should do it. The incandescent light bulb comes closest to replicating the balanced frequency spectrum of natural sunlight.

“Do your best to avoid fluorescent lighting, including compact fluorescent bulbs, which not only are bad for energy health (they emit dirty electricity) but are also bad for the environment (they contain toxic mercury).”

Thief #5: Cell Phones

Far too many people allow cell phones to hijack their time and attention. Cell phones can also deplete the system through the electromagnetic radiation they emit. Cell phones, along with all wireless devices, advises Dr. Greene, expose you to low-level radiation through the electricity that runs them, plus high-level radio frequency radiation from the carrier signals. Electronic devices cause artificial stimulation that interrupts sleep cycles and natural body rhythms in some people. Wireless signals have also been shown to affect brain cell activity.

To avoid this:

Don’t carry your cell phone on your body and limit its use. Use a hollow-tube headset (the hollow tube interrupts the radiation flow). Make it a practice to forward your cell phone to a land line with a cord (cordless phones are even worse than cell phones in terms of radiation). Text when possible. Don’t use your cell phone in the car (the metal from the car traps the signals inside the car).

With so many thieves attempting to rob our energy body, we would be wise to pay attention. Life is energy and energy is life.


Source: Dr. Debra Greene, PhD, Energy Health Specialist and author of Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. For more information, visit YourEnergyMatters.com

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