5 Essential Tips for Turning a Bad Mood Around in a Jiffy

No one is immune to a bad mood. Sometimes, the wrong side of the bed is†unavoidable, and a bad mood can really†put a damper on an otherwise good and potentially productive day. So, what do you do?

While studies have shown that a small tweak like forcing yourself to smile can significantly improve your mood, let’s be honest: it isn’t always that easy.† Next time a bad mood strikes, try these more reasonable tips for turning your bad mood around and salvaging the rest of day.

No one is immune to a bad mood. Sometimes, the wrong side of the bed is unavoidable, and a bad mood can really put a damper on an otherwise good and potentially productive day. So, what do you do?

1. Feed yourself, exercise, or sleep.

If itís midday, you havenít eaten in awhile and youíre getting a little sour, do everyone a favor and feed yourself! Hunger mixed with a small amount of stress can easily turn into hanger. Even if your tummy isnít growling, have a snack and a big glass of water, and see if that doesnít brighten your outlook.

If that doesnít work, you have other optionsóand they are no-brainers. In the simplest terms, your body needs three major things to function:

  1. fuel
  2. movement
  3. rest

An imbalance in any one of those areas can manifest as an unpleasant mood shift. †So, if youíre not hungry, your sudden shift in mood is†probably due to a lack of sleep or movement.

If you are deficient in exercise or have missed a few Zs, carve out 20 minutes to catch up. Go for a short jog or find a quiet area to take a nap… or both! There really is no better way to wipe the slate clean on a day than a jog and a good nap.

2. Breathe, and step outside.

Okay, yeah, these†are also important†pillars of life. First off, don’t trap yourself inside all day. Getting some daylight and fresh air on your skin can really open up your outlook.

And if youíre not taking the time to breathe deeply, you can feel more agitated than you actually are. Stop and take 10 long, deep breaths of fresh, outdoor air. Think of it as really simple meditation. While your bad mood might not fully go away, your emotional load should feel a lot lighter.

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3. Blast some music.

Music is far more powerful than many of us realize. According to one study, listening to classical music for 10 minutes significantly†reduced participantsí negative outlooks.

Of course, donít feel like you have to listen to classical music. Indulging in heavier, more dissonant music can be a really safe and cathartic way to release some built up angst. Listen to whatever makes you feel best, whether itís rock, heavy metal, rap, jazz, reggae, or even Disney movie soundtracks.

And if you feel the mounting†urge to whip out a few signature dance moves, by all means, go for it!

4. Do something creative or unusual.

If your bad mood is caused by the doldrums of day-to-day life, the best remedy might be a little creative spice. A bad mood actually encourages a narrower, more focused type of attention. Conveniently, that is the perfect type of attention for embarking on a new creative project!

Paint a picture, make some sketches, turn an old skateboard into a bedside table, or start storyboarding a new script or movie idea. Even if you donít create the next Mona Lisa, odds are a little creative twist to your day will make you feel better and more stimulated.

5. Just indulge in your mood.

Maybe you shouldnít fight it. Sometimes bad moods just happen. If you want to, lock yourself away and soak†in it for a bit. As long as youíre not ruining anyone elseís day, there is no harm in letting your negativity slowly seep out.

Of course, it is probably wise to do a little journaling to really decompress and get to the root of whatís bugging you. Try to notice lifestyle patterns or interactions that cause your bad moods. You may be surprised by how insightful this practice can be.

What are your favorite ways to turn a bad mood around fast? Share your best tips with the community in the comments section below!

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