5 Fantastic Fall Foods, Marion Nestle & Biodegrading Plastic?

Had fun making this little video about our recent non-toxic painting binge at Green Diva Studio usingQuiet Home Paints.

A busy time in the Green Diva Studio this week despite GD Mizar’s absence. We covered a lot of topics and managed to get a lot of information into a fun-filled hour, from biodegrading plastic to food politics author and professor, Marion Nestle.

Are Electric Car Batteries Dangerous?

green diva meg in the chevy spark ev

GD Meg has been test driving plug-in hybrids and EVs for most of this year, and is just between her fun in the ChevyVolt EV, which is a SWEET little no-gas car; and her upcoming Nissan Leaf drive, which is also an all EV/no-gas vehicle. Needless to say, when the news of a Tesla battery bursting into flames went viral this week, she was concerned, but our favorite green car dude, John Voelcker, senior editor of GreenCarReports.com quickly put those thoughts to rest. He recommended this article written by a colleague in response to the panic about the Tesla burning -Surprise, Cars Sometimes Catch Fire When Crashed, which explained a lot! He wrote this great relevant article,First Tesla Model S Fire Caused by Collision With Road Debris.

So the answer is, don’t panic, lithium ion batteries are no more dangerous than gasoline tanks and maybe even less so.

Listen to the opening of this week’s Green Divas Radio Show podcast to hear more details on the Tesla burning, and other useful fodder . . .

bennionGreen Dude Report: Devon Bennion

Devan Bennion, a sophomore at Brigham Young University started a company called Inviorment with his college roommates. They are developing a solution to help biodegrade plastic in landfills in a few short years rather than 500 – 1000 years. While Plastek is still in the testing stage, we should be encouraged by these young innovators and keep an eyes out for Plastek. See what Triple Pundit has to say about Inviroment. Listen to this Green Dude podcast to hear founder Devan Bennion talk about Inviroment . . .

pomegranateGreen Diva’s Foodie-Phile: 5 Fantastic Fall Foods

Check out this week’s Foodie-Phile post, 5 Fantastic Fall Foods for Health and Fun to learn the history and nutritional benefits of some great seasonal foods. of our very own Some of them I bet you haven’t even thought of cooking with! Listen to this great Foodie-Phile podcast to learn more about these 5 Fall Foods . . .

Green Diva Feature Interview: Marion Nestle

Marion NestleGD Meg got to meet one of her foodie heroes, Marion Nestle a few years ago and had the opportunity to speak to her for this great interview. Marion is an Author & Paulette Goddard Professor, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and Professor of Sociology at New York University; and as if that’s not enough, she is also nominee for James Beard Foundation Leadership Award. Basically she is a rock star. GD Meg spoke with Marion about her latest book, Eat Drink Vote: an Illustrated Guide to Food Politics; GMOs; Michele Obama; the FDA and more. Please listen to this podcast to hear GD Meg’s talk with Marion Nestle . . .


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