5 Fit Ways to Celebrate Mom

Most holidays center around a lot of sitting and a lot of eating, but not Mother’s Day. There’s really no rhyme or reason or rules for how to celebrate mom. The focal point of this holiday is quality time with family, especially mom.

Don’t buy in to what the commercials are selling – she probably doesn’t need, nor want, half of what they’re advertising. Speaking as a mom, I want undivided time with my family. I’d like a yummy breakfast that I didn’t have to make. And I’d like a break from the mom stuff for at least a few hours.

So give mom what she wants – time with you. And you can make it beneficial to you both (or the whole family) by keeping it active.

Game. Set. Mom.

“To do something for love is to do something for nothing,” is one explanation for the zero score in tennis, but it also perfectly summarizes a mother’s work. Invite mom out for a game of tennis. Go singles or make it doubles with siblings and spouses. You can keep score, or play for love. Either way, you’re all sure to laugh and sweat. Refuel with a picnic in the park or a favorite brunch spot afterward.

Say mOM

Give her the peace and quiet she’s craving with all the benefits of a good, healthy stretch with a trip to a yoga session. She’ll feel revived, refreshed and ready to enjoy any other activities you have lined up for the day. Better yet, join her and you can connect over down dogs and sun salutations.

Mountain Mama

Whether you live near a great trail or require a short drive to get there, invite mom out for an afternoon hike. This activity should also involve a picnic, and plenty of water. You’ll have a lot of fun in the great outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, telling stories and making new ones.

Fore Mom

Meet mom on the green for nine or 18 holes of golf. Sure, it’s supposed to be relatively quiet, but there will be plenty of time to chat and catch up between holes. Win or lose, drinks are on you when you get back to the clubhouse! And for bonus calorie burning, skip the cart.

Tag, Mom’s It!

A little child’s play is good calorie-burning fun for the entire family, especially if there are younger children at home. Spend the day at home or at the park playing your favorite backyard games. Frisbee, badminton, croquet, horseshoes, tag and even hopscotch will help pass the time in a fun, silly, and leisurely way that she may not get to do often enough.

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M Mom is about to turn 80, and a hike for her is no picnic, as she lives in fear of ticks and other pests. Her kind of perfect day is having all of her daughters talking to each other and visiting her, going out for lunch or dinner, and then resting around the living room and preferably, her kitchen at the end of the day. Creating a great day for anyone requires Knowing what they like, what they percieve as "special" and what they are capable of doing. :)

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I'm sorry, but all these ridiculous articles with silly truth lacking and unthoughtful gifts due to a "Green Mentality" have me seeing red, to "Celebrate Mom", are nonsensical at best! If you think that giving her a basket of vegetables and riding your bicycle to stay healthy and all the other ludicrous gifts are going to turn mom on....Then perhaps this whole family/families are from the "Green Planet Mars". GET real for God sakes! What happened to tradition where you made the whole day about "MOM" beginning with breakfast in bed, presenting her with a lovely piece of jewelery, taking her to brunch, reminiscing about all the funny and wonderful memories you had of and with Mom while growing up under her roof. And finalizing the day with a beautiful night of taking her to the restaurant of HER choice and as you sit around her...You remind her of how incredible and loved she is! NOW, that's a Mothers Day she will always treasure!