5 Great DIY Valentine’s Day Projects

Whether you’re sharing Valentine’s Day with your sweetie or hanging with friends, it’s fun to get in the spirit with handmade trappings. Handmade has heart and can be better for the planet, too! From flowers and candy to drinks and decorations, when you’re making things yourself, you can choose to use recycled and low-impact materials to create something that’s more personal and eco-friendly than something store bought.

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fabric flowers

Forever Flowers

Conventional cut flowers come with a huge carbon footprint. Many cut flowers get shipped all over the world, requiring pesticides to grow and refrigeration once cut to keep them fresh. This year, why not give a bouquet that won’t wilt? You can whip up a fabric scrap bouquet or a sweet little pom pom bouquet made from organic yarn!

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Recycled Pop Up Card

How cool is this? You can whip up your own Valentine’s Day pop up card out of old magazines and a Priority mail envelope. If you don’t have a used Priority envelope on hand, a large cereal box will do the trick, too.

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Chocolate Truffle

Home Made Truffles

Making truffles might seem like a daunting task, but they’re actually surprisingly simple to make. Check out this basic vegan truffle recipe from Vegan Feast Kitchen. Yum! To make this even more eco-friendly, opt for fair trade, organic chocolate.

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love bunting

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

Spruce up your place for Valentine’s Day with handmade bunting that tells your sweetie how you feel! You can go very on-the-nose with a message like in the photo above or keep it simple with reds and pinks.

Bunting is easy as pie to make. All you need is some ribbon, recycled crafting felt, and a sewing machine, needle and thread, or fabric glue.

Cut uniform triangles from your felt, decorate however you like, then sew or glue the tops of the triangles to your ribbon. In the photo above, it looks like she used embroidery thread to sew on her letters, but you could use fabric paint instead. Puffy paint would work best on felt. You could also cut the letters out of contrasting felt or fabric scraps and glue them on.

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Home Made Infused Vodka or Rum

Wow your date with a custom cocktail featuring vodka or rum that you infused yourself! Infusing is easy as pie and only takes a few days. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Lavender vodka with lemon soda
  • Mint-infused rum mojitos
  • Lemongrass vodka with ginger ale
  • Basil-infused rum with pomegranate juice

To take things over the top, pick up a heart-shaped ice tray to make lovey dovey ice cubes.

So, spill it! Do you have any handmade Valentine’s Day plans in the works? I’d love to hear what you’re scheming in the comments.

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