5 Green Ways To Show Your Graduate Some Love

With the end of May coming up fast, college graduation season is now in high gear. If you have been wondering what to get your beloved graduate and don’t want to get her more useless stuff that just collects dust and has to be moved again, try these ideas that are both practical and “green.”

Traveling graduates can use all kinds of accessories– from backpacks and messenger bags, to things like a solar powered battery charger or light that will come in handy no matter where they are heading.  And there is always the most practical gift of all: cash or traveler’s checks.

Is she starting a new job? She may need something to pass the time while commuting via the train or metro: a new pair of ear buds, or a gift card for downloadable music, movies or books will help her pass the time. Or you can splurge and get her a new book device or tablet.

Those daily java purchases can certainly get expensive, so why not gift him with a card from his favorite coffee spot. Or, why not give him something that will help small coffee farmers in the process: a subscription to Coffee CSA, which features coffee grown by responsible family farms around the world, roasted to order and delivered monthly.

If your graduate is going to be heading off to a new city for a new job or heading to Grad School? Why not buy him or her a CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription so she can have fresh, locally grown produce delivered right to her door?

Create an edible garden for your graduate. No matter if she has a small balcony or an actual garden plot; you can create a garden with some of her favorite fruits and veggies. Is her space small? Incorporate a dwarf tree in a container, living lettuce bowls, and containers full of tomatoes, peppers, and beans that can grow up vertically. Top it off with the gift of maintenance or garden classes and you have a lasting gift.

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