5 Health Benefits of Sacha Inchi Seeds

Sacha inchi seeds are packed with health benefits in one small package. You can’t go wrong adding this delicious and nutritious seed to your diet.

One morning I was walking down the aisle at my local health food store. On the bottom shelf, I saw beautiful large jars filled with different powders and seeds. Cacao, spirulina, cacao nibs and sacha inchi seeds.

Sacha what? Sacha inchi seeds. The Inca peanut.

What are Sacha Inchi Seeds?

Sacha inchi seeds are plump and round, like fluffy pita bread just out of the oven, except small. They’re smooth with a flour-like substance on the outside.

The seeds gives way to a chalky, rubber-like crunch between your teeth. And a unique flavor explodes in your mouth. You may even notice a mild oily, fish-like smell and taste that easily gives way to the salt.

This unique seed with all its character carries a world of nutrition in one small bite.

5 Health Benefits of Sacha Inchi Seeds

Sacha Inchi Benefits

1. Provides Your Body with a Complete Protein

You know you’ve found a game-changing plant when you get all nine essential amino acids in one place. For any plant-based eater, this is an important factor when taking stock of your complete nutrition. In only one serving (¼ cup) of sacha inchi seeds, you’ll consume eight grams of complete protein.

2. Improves your digestion

Good motility in your gut means you’re able to easily and quickly move waste and toxins out of your body. If you want to avoid constipation and the build up of toxins in your body, then fiber plays a key role. Fiber adds bulk to your stool and draws water into your intestines to aid digestive movement.

Sacha inchi seeds contain five grams of fiber in one serving. In a day, men should be consuming 30-38 grams and women 25 grams.

3. Boosts your brain health

Compared to other super seeds, like flax seeds, sacha inchi seeds have the highest amount of omega 3s and 6s. These seeds contain approximately 40 percent of your omega-3 and 43 percent of your omega-6 requirements.

While flax contains more omega-3s, the combination of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids makes sacha inchi a unique and better choice.

Sacha Inchi Benefits

4. Prevents unwanted weight gain

Tryptophan is one of the essential amino-acids that you’ll find  in the sacha inchi seed. In fact, it’s not just one among many. This seed contains unusually high amounts of tryptophan: about 44 milligrams of tryptophan per gram of protein.

Tryptophan helps with unwanted weight gain through a unique pathway involving serotonin. Tryptophan is the precursor to serotonin. Once converted, serotonin plays a role in suppressing appetite, which helps keep you from gaining all that unwanted weight.

5. Contributes to sense of well-being and good mood

So since all that extra tryptophan converts to serotonin, then you can be assured your mood will likely improve as well. Serotonin is a beautiful neurotransmitter that plays a role in well-being and overall mood.

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