5 Hot Green Building Materials for 2013

2012 is drawing to a close, and it’s time to look toward 2013. Although I am not psychic by any means, I do have a pretty good eye for industry trends. I think that these 5 new(ish) green building products will be hot in 2013.

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Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height Toilet: Low-flow and high-efficiency meet classic design in the form of the Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height Toilet. With homeowners looking for minimalist, but not-too-modern, fixtures, this toilet fits the bill. This toilet should appeal to shoppers seeking industrial-chic and antique-looking on-trend fixtures, while meeting EPA WaterSense standards. Plumbers in San Francisco and other hip locales will be, I predict, installing a lot of these.

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Insulfoam HD Composite Roof Insulation: At a competitive price, Insulfoam HD Composite Roof Insulation should be a strong competitor in the roof insulation market. With strong R-values, its sustainable characteristics include: 100% recyclable, no formaldehyde or HCFC’s, and it can contribute to LEED certification. It is available in various densities, and can be used for new building projects and retrofits.

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High Lumen LED Lights by Acuity Brands: The Incito™ LED open downlight series from Gotham Architectural Lighting offers energy efficiency and solid-state technology. Its versatile dimming capability and variety of lumen packages opens up LED efficiency to a huge variety of building types, from shopping centers to theaters to restaurants.

MBCI Eco-ficient™ Roofing Panels: Can one roofing panel do it all? These can do it all. These metal roofing panels have high R-values, and qualify as continuous insulation where required by the IECC. They are designed to mitigate thermal drift and their R-values are billed as consistent for 20 years. Green roofers can look forward to working with these roofing panels.

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Mowawk Smart Strand Carpets: Renewably sourced ingredients replace petroleum products in Mowhawk Smart Strand Carpets. They are “engineered to perform” — they’re stain resistant, and recyclable at their end of the product’s life. The manufacturer has reduced its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while producing a durable and attractive carpet option in super-attractive colors and patterns.

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx


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