5 Natural Ways to Reduce Everyday Pains

Everyone endures pain at some point in their lives. While everyday aches and pains should never be confused with chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia or arthritis (both of which warrant a chat with your health care professional), there are some simple, natural steps you can take to relieve pain at home.

These natural pain-reducing techniques are great on their own, but can also be practiced together for even greater benefit!

Cuddle With Your Pet

Whenever you cuddle with your pet (or your partner, your child—really anyone!), your body releases oxytocin, the so-called “love” hormone.¯ This hormone serves to help us form emotional bonds with those closest to us, and in prehistoric times, was an evolutionary adaptation that helped us stay close with our families, forming communities and tribes.

Oxytocin’s other benefit? It feels good! Oxytocin can help naturally reduce pain, make you happier, and prevent stress and anxiety.

Try CBD Oil

CBD oil is growing in popularity, not only for its role in pain relief but also for its impacts on anxiety, depression and insomnia. Not to be confused with THC (the cannabinoid found in marijuana), CBD, or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that does not induce an altered mental state. It is simply believed to help reduce pain and boost mood. It acts on different receptors than THC does, which is why the two cannabinoids have different effects.

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Practice Gentle Yoga

Another way to reduce pain is to release your own naturally produced endorphins. The best way to do this? Exercise! But when you’re in pain, it can be difficult to get yourself excited about working out. That’s where gentle yoga comes in.

Calm, gentle yoga movement practiced daily can help ease you into an exercise routine safely. After a few weeks of gentle movements, you may be ready to try some vinyasa or other more intense yoga routines. The more you can challenge yourself, the greater the endorphin payoff will be.

Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts contain high amounts of magnesium, a calm-inducing, pain-relieving mineral that can enter the body by being taken as a supplement, rubbed on the limbs in the form of magnesium oil, or obtained through an epsom salt bath. A warm bath with epsom salts, essential oils and a glass of water (see below) is sure to help do the trick.

Stay Hydrated

Finally, staying well hydrated is an important yet often overlooked component of reducing pain. Dehydration can cause headaches, muscle soreness and other discomforts. And furthermore, the pain-relieving techniques mentioned above will be all the more effective if you’re healthy and hydrated. Aim to drink at least seven to eight classes of pure water a day, and eat plenty of hydrating fruits and veggies to boot.

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