5 Quick Tips to Cool Down in the Summer

By Colleen Vanderlinden, Planet Green

Air conditioners are a nice convenience, but they’re not completely necessary for keeping your cool during the summer. They can be noisy and expensive to run. And as nice as cool air is, fresh air coming in the open windows carries the distinct advantage of making your house smell like summer and giving you free background music via the birds in your neighborhood.

While Lloyd has done a magnificent job of writing about improvements you can make to your home to cool it without air conditioning, I thought I’d focus on easy tips and tricks for cooling off. These quick, simple ideas will offer immediate relief from the heat, no matter how hot it gets.

5 Easy Ways to Cool Off

1. Keep a Spray Bottle in the Fridge

Keep a small spray bottle full of water in the refrigerator. When you’re feeling hot, mist your face and neck a few times with the cold water for instant relief. To make this do double duty, you can add a few slices of cucumber to the water for extra cooling, or use weak green tea instead of water — the green tea will cool you off and improve your complexion, thanks to all of those antioxidants.

2. Place an Ice Cube on Your Pulse Points

This is so easy, and it really works! Take an ice cube, and place it in a wash cloth or handkerchief. Hold the ice cube to your pulse points in your wrists and/or neck for up to 30 seconds. By some estimates, this cools your body temperature an amazing three degrees — which makes a big difference when you’re hoping for some relief from the heat.

3. Cold Washcloth on Your Neck

Wet a washcloth with cold water. (If you’re really warm, consider placing it in the freezer for a few minutes.) Wring it out, and hold it to the back of your neck. You’ll feel instantly cooler.

4. Soak Your Feet in Cold Water

How many of us have sat with our feet dangling into a lake or pool and felt immediately refreshed? You can get that same cooling effect by filling a small tub or large pot with cold water and soaking your feet for a little while. And, if you want a little extra pampering, why not give yourself a pedicure when you’re finished soaking your feet?

5. Wet Bandanna

Wet a bandanna with cold water, and tie it over your head. This will instantly cool you off, and you can just re-wet the bandanna as needed to help keep you cool.

We hope these tips help you keep your cool this summer!

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