5 Self-Improvement Podcasts to Start Your Day With

Creating an energizing morning routine is now an integral part of peoples’ daily habits, and one of the best ways to kickstart your day is with inspiring media. Podcasts are a fantastic way to boost your excitement and focus, especially if you listen to them while going for a morning walk or run.

These five self-improvement podcasts are led by some of the world’s most well-known influencers and personalities in the health and wellness space.

10% Happier

ABC News correspondent Dan Harris has spoken publicly about the time he had a panic attack on national television. Meditation helped him recover from his days as a foreign correspondent in war zones, a career move that left him with a high-stress lifestyle and a subsequent turn to drugs. His 10% Happier podcast features interviews with meditators and spiritual thinkers, all focused on helping people enjoy the benefits of meditation within the context of the real world. With the hook line “No robes, No crystals. Mindfulness for real life,” Harris’s company is a relatable way to learn about meditation without having to venture into new age territory.

Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is arguably the world’s most famous life coach, life strategist and inspirational speaker, with more than 50 million people having benefitted from his content, according to his website. Even those who don’t follow personal development probably know his name now, thanks to “I Am Not Your Guru,” a documentary about his conventions that aired on Netflix last year. His podcast features helpful guidance on all of life’s scenarios, from overcoming jealousy to growing a business.


Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project” was published in 2009, and has since made Gretchen Rubin a leader in the realms of personal well-being and life fulfillment. Her podcast, Happier, delves into a number of different hacks and tricks for designing a happy life. From fun ideas to career advice to parenting tips and tricks, Rubin’s podcast takes a holistic approach to covering all of the aspects of a life well lived.

The Tim Ferriss Show

When Tim Ferriss published “The 4-Hour Workweek” more than a decade ago, he quickly became a household name for entrepreneurs and experience seekers. Many books, blogs and podcasts later, he’s still making a difference in the wellness world. His podcast, which is the #1 lifestyle podcast on Stitcher and has frequently been listed as the #1 business podcast on Apple Podcasts, features interviews with many of the most influential people in the world of health, business and general well-being, from Tony Robbins and Gretchen Rubin (yes, the same ones whose podcasts are also on this list) to Michael Pollan and Brene Brown.

The Good Life Project

Another podcast that has featured a huge number of influential interviews (Tim Ferriss, Elizabeth Gilbert and Jonathan Fields, to name a few), The Good Life Project is all about helping you live your best life. It’s a great source of inspiration not only because of the insight it gives into the minds of thought leaders, but also the tips and tricks it shares for creating a beautiful, fulfilling life.

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