5 Simple Green Things That Will Drastically Cut Your Energy Bills

By Sara Novak, Planet Green

One of the first steps that you should take in an economic slump is finding all the areas of fat and cutting them. I don’t mean going on a diet, well I sort of do, a utility diet. Do everything that you can to control your fixed expenses. That means downsizing your living space, transportation, cable bill, water bill, and electricity bill. Cutting your electricity bill can have a dramatic effect. Here are some quick and easy ways to downsize your electricity bill really fast:

  • Plug everything into power strips and turn them off when you leave everyday.
  • Control your thermostat and dress for economic success, which means heavier pajamas. Get under the blankets at night and turn the heat off if you can. You save $114 annually by adjusting your thermostat three degrees.
  • Use candle light. It’s so much more relaxing and it doesn’t take any energy at all. If you’re just sitting around watching television turn off the lights and enjoy some soy candles.
  • Don’t buy a television for every room. They suck up way too much energy.
  • Use the most energy efficient appliances in the kitchen like the slow cooker instead of the stove. When compared to a conventional oven which uses 2.7 pounds of CO2 for one hour of use, a slow cooker uses .9 pounds of CO2 for seven hours of use. If you have the money, buy energy efficient appliances.


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Juliet D.
judith sanders6 years ago

Try this: If your AC bill is usually higher than your heating bill, get a light-colored roof. Hardware stores now carry reflective paint you can put on your roof. If you don't like the look, you'll save on electricity even if you put it just on the side of the house that doesn't face the street. Get drapes or drapery liners that have reflective or insulating features. Paint your driveway a light tone- dark asphalt absorbs lots of heat and radiates it at night, making you use even more AC to cool your house down. This summer I'm going to see if I can find a way to attach reflective mylar or something similar to the roof of my car so it doesn't get up to 110F inside when it's parked outside.
Check your insulation. Almost everyone could use a bit more.
Seriously, this is a pretty lame list. Google up "top energy saving tips" and you'll find more effective ideas.

Sue H.
Sue H6 years ago

I love when it gets chilly, I get out my flannel sheets and flannel pajamas and wear big woolie hiking socks for slippers. I do however have to leave a small heater on at about 62 degrees for my parrot.... there is NO insulation in the building I'm living in. :(

LM Sunshine
James Merit6 years ago

great info, thank you!

Jonathan N.

Where the hell is that wall pad in the picture from? Never seen anything like it in the USA.

Sisilie B.
Sisilie B6 years ago

Really want a slow cooker!

Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn6 years ago

thank you

Loopz K.
Loopz K.6 years ago

That was exactly what I was looking for. You have done a wonderful job communicating your message. Keep up the good work.

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Janine Hofmann
Janine H6 years ago

Thank you very much for the interesting article

Tana M.
Tana D6 years ago

In cold weather I have no problem with keeping the heat turned low and just putting on warm, comfy pjs and blankets. Unfortunately that's pretty rare here in Orlando, FL. I do strive to keep the AC from dipping under 75-76, but there are times it must regardless of wearing shorts and tanks to try to keep cool.

Alyssa Riley
Alyssa Riley6 years ago

I just cant wait to get a house and go green! Hopefully the house will be in the countryside of France or Italy. I'm thinking of not even buying a tv, television as well as other electronics can cause depression.