5 Simple Summer Popsicle Recipes

By Dana Shultz for Diets in Review | photo by Dana Shultz

The first day of summer has officially arrived and our staff is in Tulsa today participating in the Color Run, which is a 5K that blasts runners with multi-colored powdered paint throughout the course. It may sound crazy but by the end, racers are covered in neon color from head to toe and collectively look like a giant rainbow. We’re pretty excited about this event, and we’re also excited about today’s post as we’re bringing you a collection of five fun yet simple recipes for summertime popsicles.

Summertime classics for me include iced coffee, ice cream cones, and of course, popsicles. As a kid I’d go through a box of orange push-ups a week and would chase down the ice cream man for a giant bomb pop anytime he got close to our house. Needless to say, these aren’t the healthiest options for kids, so we’ve gathered a collection of pops that you can make at home and feel much better about feeding to your brood.

Chocolate Banana Popsicles – Sweetened with honey and loaded with rich chocolate flavor, these pops from the HopeFULL company are a favorite among kids. We know because we fed them to our managing editor’s toddler-aged daughter and niece and they were asking for seconds within minutes of finishing their first!

Papaya Mint Popsicles – While papaya and mint may sound like an unlikely combination, these pops are a refreshing spin on a classic fruit pop. Mint gives a subtle pop of freshness to the sweetness of the papaya. And with their bright orange and pink color, your whole family is sure to love this adventurous – and healthy – dessert.

Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles – Need I say more? These pops may not be the healthiest on our list, but they’re the closest thing to cake on a stick as you’re going to get! Lots of strawberry flavor gets packed into this clever treat, and the shortcake flavor comes from a touch of sweetened-condensed milk and crushed up corn flakes.

Electric Green Popsicles – Ever heard of green smoothies? Well these popsicles are simply the frozen form of this health-packed drink. With sweet banana and pineapple as the primary base, your kids will never be able to detect the spinach that lies inside and gives them their ‘electric’ green color. This recipe is a win-win for healthy kids and happy parents.

Chai Tea Popsicles – If you’re a tea lover, you’ll love these chai-infused popsicles that leave a little room for creativity to the creator. If I had it my way, I’d make my chai extra spicy and add in a little honey and coconut milk before freezing them up for the perfect sophisticated summertime treat.

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Delightful...chai tea sounds intriguing. Tomato? Hmmm, that is a new one!

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If I had other people to enjoy these with I would be thrilled to try some of these...but I am not so interested that I can try such unusual combos right now

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I used to love making my kids popsicles when they were little--some of these sound so delicious!

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Amazing recipes. My kids are going to love these especially my son. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

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