5 Soy-Free Milk Alternatives

A whopping 91 percent of the soy grown here in the U.S. is genetically modified, and the easiest way to ensure that a soy product isn’t GM is to stick with organic. USDA certified organic foods, by definition, cannot contain GM ingredients.

Do you have a tough time finding organic soy milk in the store? Does the recent hubbub over Silk soymilk have you concerned that the carton of soy milk at the grocery store might not actually be organic? Here are some milk alternatives that skip the soy while staying dairy free.

1. Nut Milks

Almond is the most common nut milk that you’ll find in the grocery store, but there are others out there. I’ve seen hazelnut and cashew milks on the shelf. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make nut milks at home without too much effort. This recipe for raw almond milk from Happy Foody is simple and delicious.

2. Rice Milk

Rice milk is a bit sweet, so it’s probably best for cereal or baking. It’s normally made by processing brown rice, and the sweetness comes from the grain and usually not from added sugar.
oat milk

3. Oat Milk

Like rice milk, oat milk is slightly sweet. It’s on the thin side, so it’s not great for coffee unless you like your coffee a bit dark. For cereal and for cooking, though, this is a great alternative. You can even make your own oat milk at home, if you like!

4. Hemp Milk

Thick and creamy, hemp milk holds up really well in coffee and cooking.

It can have a mild hemp aftertaste, but it’s something you get used to, much like soy milk’s aftertaste. Hemp milk can vary quite a bit from brand to brand. I’ve had friends tell me they can’t stand the stuff while others swear by it. If your first taste of hemp milk doesn’t do it for you, you might look into trying a different brand before giving up.

5. Coconut Milk

For cooking and baking, plain old canned coconut milk is a delicious soy-free dairy alternative. My favorite use for coconut milk is in the ice cream maker.

If you’re looking to lighten your coffee or pour something onto cereal, brands like So Delicious make boxed coconut milk that you can use just like regular milk.

Do you have a favorite non-dairy, soy-free milk that you purchase or make at home? Share away in the comments!

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Image Credits:
Cashew Milk. Creative Commons photo by elana’s pantry
Making Raw Oat Milk. Creative Commons photo by sweetbeetandgreenbean


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