5 Strategies For Keeping Your Feet Warm When It’s Freezing

I can’t stand it when my feet are cold. I especially hate it when my entire body is cozy except my feet.

There can be no sleeping, working or enjoying the out-of-doors if my toes are blocks of ice!

So how does one ensure that these, most-essential extremities, stay warm when the world is freezing cold? Let’s take a deeper look at why feet get cold so easily as well as some tactics that can be used to warm them up at home and throughout your day.

Why Are Feet Always So Cold?

Cold feet are actually part of your body’s natural strategies for conserving heat in adverse conditions. When exposed to cold, your body tries to maintain its internal temperature by constricting small blood vessels under the surface of the skin. This allows more blood to move deeper in the body, so your core stays warm. Unfortunately, it means your extremities (like feet) are left out in the cold. Literally.

But feet can also get cold because of poor circulation. Thus it’s common for feet to feel extra cold when we spend long hours sitting or standing. Occasionally, cold feet can also be a symptom of a more serious health condition, like Raynaud’s disease, hypothyroidism or anemia.

“Cold hands and feet are a common complaint,” says vascular specialist Natalie Evans, MD. “But generally, when this happens in young, healthy people, it isn’t anything to worry about.”

That’s great but…how do we warm them up?!

5 Ways To Warm Up Cold Feet

Choose The Right Socks

When it comes to choosing socks that will keep your toes toasty all day long, opt for wool NOT cotton. “Not only does cotton get wet with sweat very quickly, but it will won’t keep its warmth when wet, which means it’ll freeze and you’ll have a bad day,” Vancouver-based lumberjack and snowboarder Mark Hamilton told BuzzFeed Life. Choosing wool, especially merino wool, will help wick moisture away from your skin and keep your feet feeling warmer. Layering your socks can also warm up cold toes faster!

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Try Winter Shoe Inserts

Another common tactic for keeping feet warm is putting more distance between your tootsies and the freezing cold ground. Special cold weather shoe inserts can be added to your favorite boots or shoes to increase insulation and prevent the cold from seeping in.

Take A Bath

If your feet are really freezing and you want to warm them up fast, the best way to do so is with the help of water. Submerge your cold feet in a container of warm water, or simply jump into a hot shower or bath. Although it might be uncomfortable at first, the temperature sensors in your nervous system will quickly adapt, and your feet will be warmed up in no time.

Drink A Hot Beverage (Not Coffee!)

Don’t have time to take a bath? No worries! You can achieve the same internal warming effect by drinking a hot beverage, like tea or even bone broth. You should avoid warming up with caffeinated beverages, though, as it may constrict blood vessels, ultimately making you feel colder!

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Move Around

The best way to prevent your feet from feeling cold while indoors is to keep your blood pumping with physical activity. Sitting down for long periods of time means muscles are mostly slack and heart rate slows, both conditions that allow the body to cool down. Heat it up again by standing, squatting or simply walking around to keep warm blood flowing to your extremities, like fingers and toes!

Do your feet get cold easily? Share your best strategy for keeping them warm in a comment below!

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