5 Things to Pack for Your Labor Day Picnic

If you’re lucky enough to have Monday off for Labor Day and don’t already have big party (or nap) plans, you should consider rounding up your family or friends for a simple picnic in the park! Surprisingly easy to throw together, your get-together only requires the things pictured here: a basket, blanket, food and drink and plates. (Okay, fine, plus napkins and forks and spoons if your chosen food so requires.) Keep it green and lighthearted by throwing these items together using stuff already in your house. Short on time or just hate cooking? Grab the other necessities and then hit Subway or another favorite spot for food to bring with you. Extras like card games, music, or good conversation starters are up to you. Happy Labor Day!

Start with your basket. In a perfect world, you already own an American-themed tote big enough to carry all of your essentials. If not, make do as best you can. If you have something plain and a little extra time, consider asking your kids or friends to help you decorate it with stars and stripes!

(Vintage basket pictured here from Moonlight Decorator.)

Nobody expects you to whip up a red, white and blue afghan in one day, but if you happen to have one lying around, all the better! If not, find something comfortable and large enough to sit all of your guests, and appropriately colored, if at all possible.

(Handmade blanket pictured by California Knitter.)

Since disposable plates and cups are super-wasteful, toss any plastic stuff you have in your tote or basket instead. And don’t be afraid to bring your silverware either! Chose your oldest pieces and just be sure to count your pieces before you leave so you know how many to double-check for before you head home.

(Vintage picnic set pictured here from New Life Vintage RVs.)

If you’re wanting to do something a little festive, consider embellishing a plain mason jar with star decals or red, white and blue straws to drink your Kool-Aid, sweet tea or other holiday-themed drink out of. Cheers!

(Pictured jars with handmade tops from Bittersweet Lemonade.)

If you’re wanting to cook some stuff yourself to bring along on your picnic, be sure to check out Taste of Home‘s roundup of Labor Day recipes. They’ve got plenty to choose from, whether you want to go all-out or just whip up a dip and a side. We’re especially interested in their Grilled Peach BBQ Chicken Wings.



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