5 Things to Remember in Challenging Times

When adversity strikes and overtakes many or all areas of our lives, it can be difficult to see the multiple hidden blessings that are obtained by moving through our challenges, one day at a time. Adversity provides us with the chance to remove things from our lives that are non-essential and have been weighing us down.

Just as important, adversity makes the overcomer a better person, as the spoils of war are available to those who refuse to quit and succumb to their current tragic circumstances. We learn how to become resilient, how to step out in faith, and how to seize opportunities when obstacles arise in our paths.

First, remember that the current trial will pass. In the midst of difficulties and pain, it can seem as if nothing will ever change, particularly when problems seem to last month after month, or in some instances, year after year. Deep adversity often comes to prepare us for our true calling in life, and while we may believe we are already poised, and ready to move forward to the next level in our personal relationships, careers, or other areas in life. However, God sees us in our entirety, and knows how much we need and how much we can bear in order to become the people He has called us to be.

Second, keep in mind that many others are dependent on your survival of this current storm, even though it may seem as if your suffering is for naught. Many great charitable organizations were born out of an individualís challenges which, once overcome, inspired them to help others do the same. Though those around us may not say it, our true friends will want to see us get back up and succeed….Keep reading on InspireMeToday.com for the other three concepts!

Suzanne Deliscar is a lawyer-linguist specializing in providing legal and language services in Spanish and French.

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doug roberts
doug r3 years ago

I feel we are only test to our ability no matter how hard things seem we are all ready strong enough to over come it knowing this before hand gives us the mind set that we are guaranteed to succeed so long as we continue. I have lost a house to fire with all my belongings and business in the garage and a few years later lost a second house to for closure after the birth of my child. These things proved to me how strong I was at the beginning if I could not have handled it I would not have been tested. Enjoy the trials in your life it is through these that your character is formed.

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Jeanie S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thanks for the tips.

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Thank you :)

Daphne H.
Daphne H3 years ago

Good article

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Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Good reminders. I always try to focus on the positive. No matter how bad things get, someone is always worse off. Be thankful for the blessings in your life. If you are having money problems think how lucky you are to have healthy children, ect. If you really try everyone can find something good in their life.

Clare Gorman
Clare Gorman3 years ago

thank you :)

Laura Saxon
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Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.