5 Tips for People Who Just Can’t Seem to Stick to a Meditation Habit

Meditation is simple, but it isn’t exactly easy to do—especially on those days when a busy schedule and a frazzled mind seem to be working against you. In fact, these are the types of situations when meditation can be most beneficial!

I’ve had my own struggles with sticking to a good meditation habit day in and day out. While I’ve found that carving out a very specific time to do it every day certainly helps, some of the following tips also helped me when things just weren’t going right.

Here are five common problems and some suggested solutions, based off my own experience, that you can use if you ever find yourself struggling with meditation.

Can’t sit still for very long? Meditate while performing one of your everyday tasks.

Meditation often involves sitting quietly without moving at all, but for those who get a bit antsy after sitting for too long, doing it while moving around may be a better choice. Pick a mundane task like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth and meditate by simply focusing your awareness on various sensations you experience during the process. Here are 10 different suggestions you can use.

Get too sleepy when you try to meditate? Try doing it with your eyes open instead of closed.

If I meditate too early in the morning, too late at night or after eating a big meal, I tend to start dozing off in the middle of my meditation. It’s actually quite common for a lot of people. Besides finding the optimal time of day when you can stay most alert through your meditation, you’ll find that simply meditating with your eyes open instead of closed can make all the difference.

Struggling with quieting your thoughts? Adopt a “do nothing” approach.

Most people will agree that your mind may never be completely blank throughout an entire meditation session, but it certainly shouldn’t be totally preoccupied and removed from the present moment. During those times when you just can’t seem to quiet down your mind enough, aim to just “do nothing” by avoiding any resistance to control your thoughts. Instead, just allow your thoughts to flow freely, watching them appear and then disappear in your mind naturally.

Experience headaches from meditation? Look for signs of tension in your eyes and forehead.

I once got a really bad headache a few hours after meditating because I was forcing myself to focus way too much. I was straining my eyes and forehead repeatedly, and I paid for it later. If you notice any tension in your eyes or your forehead, or if you try to control your eye movement or mind in a very forceful way, you could end up with a nasty headache. Again, if you’re experiencing a wild thought flow that day, go back to the “do nothing” approach.

No time for 20 to 30 minutes of meditation? Scale it back to just five minutes.

Meditating for just 20 minutes can seem like an eternity when you’re not used to it. Luckily, you can still benefit from just five minutes of meditation. This is especially helpful for people who have busy schedules, can’t sit still for too long and tend to either doze off or get bombarded with more distracting thoughts if they do it for too long. You can even break it up by doing five minutes in the morning, five in the afternoon and five again at night.

There are all sorts of great ways you can tweak meditation in the best way that works for you. And sometimes, it’s really necessary if you want to keep it up as a long-term habit.

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