5 Tips to Mend Your Clothing

Whether you’ve lost a button or split a seam, you don’t have to let small repairs stand between you and your favorite garment! With a little bit of love and a needle and thread, you can give your well-loved clothing a second life.

Here are five video tutorials showing you how to do some simple mending, from sewing a button to taking up a hem.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Kirstea

1. Sew on a Button

Replacing a lost button is one of the simplest mending jobs you can do. If you can’t track down your the missing button or the spare, you can pick up a replacement at the fabric store. Just make sure you match not only the missing button’s width but its thickness. If you go too big, you won’t be able to close it, and a too-small button can slip out of the hole while you’re wearing it.

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2. Darn a Sock

Is your very favorite pair starting to wear in the heel? Never fear! With a bit of yarn, you can fix that sock right up. The tutorial calls for using a darning egg, but if you don’t have that, a baseball will do the trick. The idea behind a darning egg is to stretch the hole a bit, so that you don’t warp the sock’s shape while you’re mending it.

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3. Patch a Hole in Jeans

That perfect pair of jeans is always such a treasured piece of clothing. I know I wear mine until they fall apart. Don’t let a silly hole mean the end for your favorite pair of jeans! It’s simple enough to patch them up.

If those denims really are beyond repair, you can always repurpose your old jeans into something new!

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4. Repair a Ripped Seam

A split seam might look like the end for your favorite top or pair of pants, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s actually quite simple to repair a busted seam and make your garment as good as new!

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5. Hemming Pants

Tired of rolling up your too-long pant legs? Never fear! Hemming a pair of pants is easy as pie. All you need are a sewing machine, an iron, and the right color of thread.

Have you guys done any simple mending? Share away in the comments!

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