5 Tips to Remember Your Reusable Bags – Giveaway!

By ECOcentric Bags

Are you forgetting your reusable shopping bags at home every time you go shopping? Do you only remember them when you are at the counter, ready to pay? Then these tips will be very useful for you!

1. Choose lightweight and portable reusable bags. These bags are only a few inches in size when packed and don’t take up much space. They can be folded neatly and tucked into your handbag or in a backpack. Make it a habit of carrying these reusable bags with you at all times.

2. Keep your shopping bags in your car. The majority of us take our cars when we run errands and go shopping, so it’s common sense to stow your reusable bags in your vehicle. They could even fit in the glove compartment. Just remember to wash your bags on a regular basis; don’t just throw your bags in your car and keep them there forever. That way when you get out of the car to do some shopping, just grab your reusable bags and you are good to go!

3. Keep your reusable bags by the door. Which door do you use most in your home? Stash the bags on a hook or in a basket right by the door you use most regularly. If you use those big bulky reusable bags from big supermarket chains, then it’s a good idea to have them by the entrance. The sight of those big bags will always remind you to bring your bags with you when you leave home.

4. Plan your shopping. Decide on where and when you will go for shopping this weekend and remind yourself to take your reusable shopping bags with you. Perhaps you have certain bags you like to use for certain stores, make sure you have them ready to go when you plan your errands.

5. Become a fashion model when going shopping. Use stylish and funky reusable bags to make your shopping experience unforgettable! Reusable bags come in all sorts of sizes and fun patterns and colors, get a few that catch your fancy. If you rethink your shopping experience altogether from a boring routine to “showing yourself” to the world, then you will always want to have those bags with you!

ECOcentric Bags is a great resource to find eco-friendly bags of all kinds — from shopping bags and produce bags to purses and backpacks. Their site features bags made of recycled, repurposed, and organic materials, made by ecologically and socially responsible companies. The company is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, meaning 1% of all sales go directly to environmental causes.

GIVEAWAY! Enter a comment for your chance to win three reusable bags from ECOcentric Bags (see below for designs). Winner will be selected June 7. Good luck!

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Lu Ann P.

Please email Samantha at samanthas@care2team.com to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered!


Seda A.
Seda A5 years ago


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago

You can get some bags that fold into a really small pouch; clip one or two of these onto your key fob.

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Christine Hennessey

I have been using reusable bags for over 40 years. In the past I had to deal with cashiers who thought it was a pain in the butt to deal with. Now at least they are accepted, even welcomed.
I have three "chico-bags" that fold into small pouches and clip on to my purse handle. They are a great company with a variety of eco-friendly products.
I usually remember to take the larger grocery sacks in for the bigger shopping days, but I always have a bag for the "I just noticed that item I need" shopping.
Another strategy when buying a few items is just to say "I don't need a bag". This also helps build awareness.
It helps when cashiers ask if you need a bag as well.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

thanks for posting

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Joe D.
Joe D.6 years ago

To everyone that's got them sitting by the door or in the trunk (and that's where they stay), you need to get bags that are small enough to have in your purse, like "breezy bags", for example.

Abby Ford
Abby Ford6 years ago

I am a reusable bag-o-holic. I love these things. Though I must admit to forgetting them from time to time. I have however, moved them over beside my front door which helps alot so thanks for the idea.

Natalia Szymanowska

hihi funny but helpful :P