5 Unique Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day

The last thing you want to be worried about on your big day is your feet. Nobody wants to trip while walking down the aisle or fumble on the dance floor due to sky-high heels or uncomfortable flats. To help you in your search for the perfect comfort, I have scoured handmade haven Etsy.com for my favorite five bridal shoes. If you’re super creative, you can take this inspiration to make your own! But if time is of the essence (or you’d just rather be your supportive self), you can always feel good supporting home-grown, indie business. Cheers!

TOMS, as many of us already know, is not only an insanely comfortable shoe brand, but also one that does some good for the world (every pair you buy supplies a pair to someone in need overseas). These custom fabric-upholstered TOMS are truly gorgeous as well, designed using multiple fabrics, lace and buttons. You pick the exact shoe you want and then you discuss a look and color scheme with designer FlavorfulFish. Have fun!

If total comfort is of complete importance to you (and you’re getting married in the summertime or in a tropical locale), then maybe you should just fast-track your search to flip-flops. These handmade ivory slip-ons feature ribbon braiding and cute Swarovski embellishments. Perfect to bring along on your hooneymoon as well! From Parisxox.

If you’re a little more willing to cash in some comfort in order to have some height, these manageable heels from WalkInOnAir are the perfect treat for your toes. A beautiful teal suede, blue may be the perfect pop of color for your ivory gown. Featuring lace details on the side, the shoes will go great with the romantic feel of your wedding, but are sure to be worn again soon.

The most popular bridal shoe on Etsy is by far the embellished ballet flat. This shoe featured here from Beholden Bridal is my favorite, as it features inspiration from a peacock. Super sexy (with a ’20s vibe) but (obviously) super comfortable and preps you for optimum dancing ability!

Also common on the bridal shoe train are embellished converse shoes. (If you’re more of a TOMS girl but you like the embroidery here more than the collage shoe featured before, check these out!) My favorites on the web are this pair of Converse featuring arrows that say “his” and “hers” by Bailey Banks Girl. The imperfection and school-kid love affair feeling are so sweet!


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