5 Vegan Cookbooks for Your Holiday Meal Planning

Whether you’re planning an entire plant-based holiday menu or just want some vegan-friendly options, these vegan cookbooks are full of delicious recipes to help you get the holidays started right.

I have to make a confession right now: food is one of my favorite parts of the winter holidays. Thanksgiving lunch, Christmas dinner, and finger foods for New Year’s Eve occupy my brain once the weather breaks and the leaves turn. Eating vegan around the holidays used to mean a boring salad and maybe a roll, but thanks to vegan cookbooks like the ones below, there are now an array of delicious, plant-based options for the holiday table that even an omnivore will love.

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Eating Vegan for the Holidays: It isn’t all or nothing!

If you’re not ready to serve a totally vegan meal to your family and friends, don’t worry at all! You don’t have to be vegan to eat vegan food or use vegan cookbooks. The holiday table offers plenty of opportunities to work in plant-based dishes alongside more traditional ones.

My family isn’t totally vegan, and they’re not ready to give up the roasted turkey or my mother-in-law’s homemade cheese straws, and that’s OK. When we get together, she makes the animal-based dishes, and I cook up a bunch of vegan sides that everyone can share.

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Dishes like roasted root vegetables, vegan mashed potatoes (made with almond milk and olive oil), and vegan desserts are just as delicious as their animal-based counterparts. My relatives get to enjoy some healthy vegan eats, and the vegans and vegetarians in the family (there are six of us!) get to dig in, too.

5 Vegan Cookbooks for the Holidays

These aren’t all holiday-specific cookbooks, but they’re the ones on my shelf that I’m most likely to reach for around this time of year. You obviously don’t have to buy all of these, but I wanted to offer an array of options, so you can find books to suit your family’s tastes.

Vegan Cookbooks The Great Vegan Bean Book

1. The Great Vegan Bean Book

Turkey, schmurkey! Offer a main dish packed with plant-based protein instead or in addition to the traditional bird. Kathy Hester’s Great Vegan Bean Book has a ton of creative bean recipes. Some are perfect for the holiday table and others you’ll want to eat all year long.

Vegan Cookbooks Vegan-Holiday-Kitchen

2. Vegan Holiday Kitchen

This cookbook is by vegan cooking superstar Nava Atlas, and if you’re looking to just pick up one vegan cookbook for all of your holiday meals, this is probably your best bet. It’s got more than 200 recipes, including lots of veganized versions of holiday favorites.

Vegan Cookbooks Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

3. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

This is an oldie, but a total classic and one of the most well-worn vegan cookbooks on my shelf. Making a vegan-friendly dessert can be a little bit vexing if you’re used to relying on eggs and butter, but Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romery make it easy to cook up cruelty-free cupcakes that your guests will never guess are vegan.

Vegan Cookbooks Vegan Pie in the Sky

4. Vegan Pie in the Sky

Do pies say “holiday” to you more than cupcakes? Isa and Terry have you covered there, too. Vegan Pie in the Sky teaches you the essentials to making buttery-tasting vegan pie crusts with sweet and savory fillings that will rock your socks. Want a sneak peek? Check out this review of Vegan Pie in the Sky that includes a recipe!

Vegan Cookbooks Sexy-Vegan-Happy-Hour-at-Home

5. The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour at Home

For cocktail party-planning, Brian L. Patton’s vegan cookbook makes your menu a snap. The book is broken out by themes, so you just find one that suits your tastes, and he’s got a full menu of hors d’oeuvres complete with vegan cocktail pairings. New Year’s Eve party? Done!

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What about you guys? Are there any vegan cookbooks that you turn to around the holidays? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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