5 Vegan & Vegetarian Celebrities at the Emmy Awards

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday, meaning the biggest stars in television will be showing their stuff on the red carpet. While all the stars will be glowing, some owe their healthy glow to more than a skilled makeup and style team. Five stars from Emmy nominated shows, some of whom are nominees themselves, are proud vegans and vegetarians. While some are more outspoken about their lifestyles than others, all five are adding star power to being meat-free.

Mayim Bialik
Nominated for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik may just be the most outspoken on the list about her vegan lifestyle. She has blogged about the topic extensively on her website and has worked with PETA to promote veganism. Mayim has also made being meat-free a part of her parenting style and religion, saying that being vegan goes hand-in-hand with her Jewish faith.

Johnny Galecki
There might be something in the water at The Big Bang Theory. Johnny Galecki joins costar Mayim Bialik on the list of vegan or vegetarian actors. Though not nominated himself this year, Johnny surely contributed to Big Bang being nominated for Best Comedy. He credits his decision to become a vegetarian to a desire to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Lea Michele
A longtime vegan advocate, Lea has recently decided to “listen to her body” and settle on vegetarianism. She has worked with PETA in the past as an outspoken defender of animal rights, especially those of the carriage horses in her hometown of New York City. The Glee star isn’t up for any awards herself, though Glee is nominated in the directing category and her cast mates Jane Lynch and Dot Marie Jones are nominated for individual awards.

Alan Cumming
Though not nominated himself for his work on The Good Wife, the show earned four nominations for cast and guest appearances. Alan recently committed to the vegan lifestyle after being a vegetarian for some time. He had contemplated going vegan, and seeing Mike Tyson make the change convinced him it was the right decision. The multi-talented Scottish actor was most recently seen in Macbeth on Broadway.

Alec Baldwin
Already having two Emmy awards to his name, Alec is nominated again this Sunday for his work on 30 Rock. He also may be the most surprising name on the list of vegan and vegetarian stars. However, Alec has been committed to the vegan lifestyle for quite a while. He has also worked with PETA speaking out against poor treatment of animals in circuses.


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