5 Ways to Brighten a Room

In the mood for a little color? Here are five cost-effective ways to add a cheerful note to an interior space.

Above: What may be kept behind cabinets doors could bring life to a kitchen. In this home in France, blue and copper pots and utensils are as worthy as decoration as they are as cooking essentials. Photo by Simon Watson.

Above: Proving storage containers do not have to be dull, Silke Neumann holds newspapers and wood in bright pink painted baskets in her Berlin flat. Originally seen on Freunde von Freunden. For other ideas on incorporating pink, check out Remodelista’s post 5 Favorites: Rosy Rooms.


Above: There is something enchanting about vintage glass; it lends both color and context to a room. These blue and green bottles catch the sunlight on the windowsill. Scour your local flea market, Etsy or Ebay to find vintage bottles and glass pieces in various sizes, colors and prices.


Above: A large panel painted in sunny yellow brightens this kitchen in a rather unexpected way. For a similar effect, consider giving a piece of unused plywood new life with a coat of paint. Image by Uli Schade, originally seen on Desire to Inspire. For more inspiration on adding yellow, check out Remodelista’s post Palette & Paints: Modern Yellow.


Above: Japanese washi tape provides an instant and easy-to-remove addition of color. These small strips of hot pink tape hold art to the wall while brightening a rather gray scene; $3.75 for a roll at Cute Tape.



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I sent your articles links to all my contacts and they all adore it including me.

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Thanks for the good DIY ideas.

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Really cute ideas...I like all of them. Thanks!

Michele Wilkinson

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Sue H.
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All this time I've been thinking it's Me, my presence, that brightens up the room. Now I learn that it's pink tape. :(

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I thought there might be something useful in this article, but it's pretty worthless. Yeah, I really want to use bright sticky tape on my walls.......NOT!

Elaine A.
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All the pictures do add color to a room but nothing opens up a room to a whole new look like a chosen paint on the walls to inspire a starting point for decorating the room.

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I agree with Victoria. Don't like.