5 Ways to Eat Green at Work

Increasingly, employers are encouraging and rewarding healthy behaviors. We’ve gathered five great ideas from employers all over the country to inspire you to eat healthy and be green at work. If you are a manager, try implementing some of these ideas. If you are an employee, share this list with your manager!

Great Idea #1
Stock healthy snacks–like the fresh fruit and nuts that managers at Chandler Chicco Agency, a health care PR firm in New York City, bring into the office each week.

Great Idea #2
Ditch the vending machine and replace it with a refrigerator, as NRG Systems in Hinesburg, Vermont, did to save energy (the machines are notorious guzzlers). They also got rid of a tempting junk-food showcase; now the fridge is stocked with water, 100% fruit juices and other healthy beverages, and employees help themselves.

Great Idea #3
Send in the farm: Once a week, a local farm delivers a CSA (community supported agriculture) “share” of fresh produce to Laloo’s, a goat-milk ice cream company in Petaluma, California. From the bounty, the 15 staffers prepare communal lunches (three days a week).

Great Idea #4
Call in a healthy caterer instead of ordering pizzas to sustain your team during seminars or late work nights. Employees of Boeing and Starbucks (corporate office) turn to Organic To Go, a quick-service food retailer that also does delivery and corporate catering in Seattle, Los Angeles and Orange County, California. The company’s fresh organic line includes a big selection of wraps, salads and sandwiches–available buffet-style or packed into individual lunch bags (along with apple slices, bottled water and a homemade cookie).

Great Idea #5
Demand change–like college students across the country who rallied to bring local foods to campus cafeterias and won. When the University of Vermont’s food service, Sodexho, responded to students’ requests for local foods, it shifted $50,000 of purchasing to area farmers in eight weeks. Your vote matters, so find that comment box at your work cafe and use it.

Visit EatingWell.com for free quick and easy healthy recipe collections!


Christie C.
Christie C9 years ago

The picture made me laugh, too. We have a water fountain at work and put a solid carbon filter on it. It saves money and keeps the water bottles we used to buy out of the landfill :)

Katherine I.
Katherine Isham9 years ago

Yeah, Vermonters rock!! *wavies VT flag*

JM SI9 years ago

Just to say that I love the picture for this article. I did make me chuckle.