5 Ways to Love the Earth on Valentine’s Day

While I have written about my general dissatisfaction with Valentine’s Day, I do know that the reality is that most of us will do something to commemorate Valentine’s Day, even if it is buying a box of chocolates or a card for our loved ones—yes that includes our friends and families.

So, if you are going to observe the day, here are some ways to show the planet a little love at the same time.

If you are going to buy flowers, buy organic, fair trade flowers and if possible, buy from local growers. Each year, there are more and more places to find organic, earth-friendly flowers. You can find organic growers by visiting Local Harvest.

It also seems mandatory for most people to buy a box of chocolates. If you do feel the need, buy organic chocolate like Green and Black’s. It’s not only organic, but fair trade certified. These yummy bars come in milk and white chocolate varieties and also feature toffee, peanut and almond varieties.

While dining out, think about where your food comes from: how it was grown and who grew it. Choose a Certified Green restaurant, in your city.

If your loved one is a foodie or an urban farmer, give them the gift of food. Plant an edible garden for them, or give them a membership to a local seed library, or join a CSA for him/her so they have fresh produce delivered each week.

Is your Valentine passionate about making a difference? Then donate in his or her name to American Farmland Trust or Farm Aid to preserve farmland, and to keep farmers farming in a sustainable and productive way.

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