5 Ways to Make Meal Prep Even More Convenient

Meal prepping is theoretically an amazing concept; you dedicate an hour or two on Sunday afternoon to preparing all of your food for the coming week. Then, everything is quick and ready to go! But sometimes the reality isn’t so idyllic. Prepping individual recipes can take hours, making you wonder if the effort was really worth it in the first place. Simplify your meal prepping process with these five easy meal prep ideas.

Wash and Chop Your Veggies

The number one rule to live by if you want to make meal prepping simple is: Don’t overcomplicate it with a bunch of recipes. Instead, focus on prepping the ingredients you’ll need to make healthy, simple meals all week long. Your first step is to wash and chop all of your veggies for the week. That way, when you’re ready to use them in omelettes, salads, stir frys and everything in between, you can just throw them into the pain, sauté and voila!

Batch Cook Your Grains and Legumes

Next, batch cook all the grains and legumes you’re planning to use for the week. This usually means rinsing and soaking them for a few hours, and then putting them on the stove to cook. It’s a very easy process, but doing it all at once allows you to simply reheat them throughout the week, majorly cutting down your cooking time.

Use Mason Jars

Mason jars are everything when it comes to meal prep. Two of my favorite things to prep? Individually sized overnight oats in mason jars (for breakfast) and mason jar salads (for lunch). This way, you can grab and go for two out of three meals of your day. And since both overnight oats and salads are raw, there’s no baking or cooking involved.

Make A Week’s Worth of Healthy Breakfasts

Speaking of overnight oats, there’s no reason not to prep healthy grab-and-go breakfasts. It’s too easy to pass up! If overnight oats aren’t your jam, a batch of healthy blueberry muffins should do the trick.

Make Soup Bundles

Finally, with breakfast and lunch covered, you may be wondering, what about dinners? Make soup bundles ahead of time so you have everything you need to quickly and easily make a healthy soup. You already chopped veggies and pre-made your legumes and grains. Now, compartmentalize them so that everything for one day’s worth of soup is in the same container.

For example, put some cooked brown rice, cooked legumes, carrots, garlic, kale, onion, leek and zucchini into one Tupperware. On the day you’re ready to eat it, simply pour your ingredients into a pot of vegetable broth, add some spices and simmer until the vegetables are cooked through. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

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