5 Ways to Prepare Your Routine For Cold Weather

Prepare for the cool temps and darker days with these tweaks to your routine.

We are inching closer and closer to autumnal and wintertime holidays, meaning the temperature is slowly dropping and daylight is slowly decreasing. While we may have begun a checklist for winterizing our homes or cars, those arenít the only elements in our lives affected by this shift in the weather.

Our daily routines can be drastically different during the summer than they are in the winter. Do what you can to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the change so the transition is smooth and the holiday season is full of cheer.

1) Pack up your summer clothes.

Not only is it impractical to continue wearing lots of the same summery clothes from months ago, but it can put a damper on our mood to see these garments hanging about as a reminder that sunnier days are behind us and snowier days are ahead. Pack away these articles so the sweaters, boots, hoodies, and long pants that keep us cozy during the fall and winter are more accessible.

2) Bring in the potted plants.

Frost is no good for our year-round potted plants, so bring them inside and make sure they are set up by a natural light source and with good drainage for watering. You can also move an herb garden inside so you can reap the benefits of flavorful gardening all year round.

3) Set your alarm a little earlier.

One of the biggest shifts that can throw us for a loop is the extra time it takes to appropriately bundle ourselves up before going outdoors, to wipe snow off of our vehicles, and to commute during less-than-ideal weather conditions.

All of this means having to get up a little earlier or preparing our schedule with more attention to detail. Start by setting your alarm for five minutes earlier than you usually do now. Your body will appreciate the gradual change and become accustomed to rising earlier over time.

4) Try out some indoor exercises.

While there are some diehard winter runners out there, it isnít for everyone. If being outdoors is usually your thing, but you ultimately canít stand the cold, starting looking into indoor exercises now.

Perhaps you can take a dance class youíve always been wanting to try? Do some at-home morning yoga? Try out indoor rock climbing? The possibilities are endless!

5) Include seasonal produce in your daily meals.

Some of the foods we love to eat during the summer are going to be more costly (for our pocketbook and for the planet) to continue eating during the winter.

Investigate local seasonal produce to see what shifts in meal-planning will be best for the new season. Root vegetables are surprisingly versatile and abundant this time of year – check out some recipes and try something new!

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