5 Ways to Preserve the Summer Harvest

It’s easy enough to eat local in spring and summer. Your garden is booming, CSA’s are in full effect, and farmers markets abound! So how can you make that bounty last into the winter, when fresh produce is a little more scarce? Here are some DIY solutions!

What I love most about things like pickling and canning is that feeling that I’m taking part in food traditions that have been around for almost as long as people have been preparing food. It makes you feel really connected to the food and to history. What do you all do to make that great spring and summer produce last a little longer?

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By Becky Striepe, Green Options


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Re-read/ review this favored article today. We're right in the midst of all the garden produce preservation right now. I could not recall off the top of my head what the 5th method might might be so I referred back to this article. We do a large amount of food preservation; but not much pickling which is what I could not remember specifically. Our family does not much care for pickled food taste & pickling often involves salt, sugar, & spices as well as other preservatives that are not so much good for your health status. In our estimation, pickling is not as good of a preservative method as the others..................

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