5 Smart Ways to Save Water in the Garden

While I realize I live in drought stricken California, even if you live in an area that is not facing a drought and is overflowing with water now, come August, it wonít be. And, since this is the end of Earth Month, itís the perfect time to remind everyone that saving water is always a good idea since our natural resources, including water are limited. Using water-wise techniques can help you save 20 to 50 percent of the water you are currently using and can improve your gardenís health, productivity and appearance.

Read on for some simple ways to save water in the garden.

Remember: the purpose of watering your plants is to water the root zone, so water deeply, but less frequently. What does that mean? Just water deeply enough to wet the entire root zone and a little beyond to encourage plants to root deeper than they would with shallow watering.

Water in the morning to avoid evaporation and because it is typically less windy in the morning. And, avoid watering during windy times of the day to reduce uneven distribution, evaporation and water waste. Another perk of watering in the morning is that it can help protect your plants from mildew because if you do get the foliage wet, it has a chance to dry out all day and that gives the plant a fighting chance against succumbing to it.

Group plants with similar watering needs together. Or, if you want a more formal way of saying this: create a hydrozone in at least one area of your yard. A hydrozone is an area where all of the plants have similar watering needs so you water more efficiently.

Use mulch. Water quickly evaporates from bare soil. Mulches reduce water evaporation, prevent weeds and moderate soil temperatures.† For the best results, use a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch in plant beds and around trees and shrubs.

Use water wise irrigation methods such as drip irrigation or soaker hoses to reduce evaporation by directing water to the plant roots.

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I put buckets out to catch the rainwater so I can water the plants I have undercover. Also I save the water from rinsing dishes or waiting for taps to run hot. It's surprising how it all adds up.

Ann Bodimeade
Ann B3 years ago

Save water from washing and cooking vegetables to water plants.

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The water we have had on this earth has been around for centuries. It has gone through many MANY filtering processes. My kidneys do their own process.

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