5 Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles


Aches and pains can be a huge deterrent to people just starting a workout program –why would you want to subject yourself to such pain, on purpose?! Of course, it’s important not to give up, because you’re only going to get stronger. In the meantime, try one of these remedies for soothing your achy muscles.

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1. Do Some Light Exercise.

While you should definitely take a day or two off from marathon running or lifting half of your body weight, a little light exercise can be really beneficial to your aches and pains. Sore muscles tend to be stiff muscles, so some gentle stretching can help. Keeping your muscle moving in general is a helpful way to get some relief — try going for a short walk.

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2. Eat Certain Fruits.

You can eat your way to relief! Blueberries, cherry juice, and pomegranates all contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven to help you recover faster. It’s also a great preventative measure — snack on some blueberries before hitting the gym.

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3. Get a Massage.

Massages eases muscle tightness and inflammation as well as increasing your blood flow. Some experts believe it’s even better than over-the-counter pain medications for treating sore muscles. Treat yourself to a professional massage if you can, but there are also plenty of techniques out there for massaging yourself.

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4. Take a Hot Bath… Or a Cold One.

For decades, professional athletes have sworn by ice baths as a treatment for injuries — and the research backs up their claims. If you can muster up the courage after a particularly strenuous workout, draw yourself a bath at a temperature between 54 and 59 degrees and stay in it for up to 5 minutes. You can also, of course, soak in a hot bath, which will also provide some relief — though perhaps not as much.

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5. Alternate Hot and Cold.

Alternating 15 minutes of an ice pack and 15 minutes of a heat pack is a great way to promote your circulation and help with recovery. Always start with the heat pack and end with the ice pack.

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Thanks for the tips. Have you tried rubbing a little magnesium gel in tight muscles? It can really help for muscle cramps, especially if you get a charley horse!

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One thing not mentioned in the article, add Epsom salt to the hot bath. Magnesium will be absorbed through the skin and sooth your sore body. Sure would like to have the massage to go along with it!!!!!