5 Ways to Use the Spring Weather to Inspire Healthier Habits

There’s no better time than spring to start easing yourself into healthier habits–especially if you let any of your health-related New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. The arrival of longer days and warmer weather is a good excuse to get back in that healthy groove.

In fact, a recent report from the U.S. National Library of Medicine says that the warmer weather makes outdoor activities seem a lot less like a chore. Couple that with all the beautiful fruits and veggies that become abundantly available this time of year and you’ve got yourself a good setup for healthy habits.

Here are a few specific ideas to consider incorporating into your daily life this spring and well into the summer too!

Go for a morning walk to get a natural dose of vitamin D.

Say goodbye to cold, dark mornings and hello to warm, sunny ones. One of the best ways to really wake yourself up in the morning is by exposing yourself to natural daylight. An early morning walk for as little as 20 minutes will naturally boost your mood and obliterate any lingering sensations of drowsiness or sluggishness better than a cup of coffee.

Swap hearty winter meals for lighter spring meals.

Pots of chili, pasta dishes, soups, stews and casseroles are just a few popular examples of the comfort foods that tend to take over our kitchens in the winter. These foods can be healthy, but they’re usually pretty heavy and calorie-dense too. As everything blooms and turns green again, use this as inspiration to green on your meals too by adding veggies, like all your favorite leafy greens, broccoli, artichoke, asparagus, zucchini, green bell peppers and any other veggies you love.

Add fruits and veggies to each meal by shopping for what’s in season.

Speaking of greener spring meals, you’ll have a lot of luck by looking out for what’s currently in season to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and to get inspiration for some new recipe ideas too. Aim to fill up your plate with fruits or veggies for each of your three major meals (bonus points for snacks) and make an effort to get to your local farmers’ market too so you can support your local farmers. Here are 14 veggies that are in season for spring.

Replace at least 30 minutes of evening screen time with time spent outdoors.

One of the best things about spring is that it gets dark much later in the evening. So instead of settling in to watch some Netflix or browse online, make a goal to spend at least a half hour of your evening outside walking, gardening, hanging out in the yard, playing with the dog or doing anything else that gets you out of the house and away from glowing screens.

Do some deep breathing while outside.

A fresh spring breeze is a welcome change after months of having your breath taken away by the dry, cold air of winter. Take advantage of this by practicing deep breathing for some instant stress relief. It can also lower blood pressure and promote brain health, making it one of the easiest exercises you can do to improve your health. So get out there and start breathing deeply!

These are just a few general examples of good healthy spring habits that anyone could adopt, but be sure to tailor your habits to your own personal goals and preferences. Happy spring!

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