5,000 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Bay Area

Five million dollars has been approved by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to support the development of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The money will fund 5,000 new charging stations – 2,000 of which will be public chargers. In addition 50 fast-charging stations will be installed. The public chargers will be located at or near employer parking lots and the 50 fast chargers will be near highways, presumably so travelers can recharge quickly, and resume their trips.

The official press release states over 50 percent of the Bay Area’s air pollution is generated by the transportation sector. Replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with electric ones will reduce air pollution, but there must be a large enough number of EVs to make a significant impact. Growing the electric vehicle charging network is part of the air district’s “Spare the Air” program which seeks to reduce air pollution. The Bay Area already has some EV charging stations, but that number is much less than the 5,050 allowed by the new grants.

Google, for example reportedly has a few dozen at its Mountain View campus. Over an hour north of Mountain View, the city of Vacaville has six EV charging stations. Adding over 5,000 is a big step. Coulomb Technologies, a company that produces electric vehicle infrastructure systems will be making the new charging stations.

A related air district program pays owners of gasoline cars 21 years old or older, $1,000 dollars to stop driving them, in order to reduce air pollution.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District oversees air quality in the nine county Bay Area region of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, southwestern Solano and southern Sonoma Counties.

Image Credit: RichN


Dave C.
David C6 years ago

love to see them in MN....of course, clean electric sources is important....

Harry B.
Harry B7 years ago

I'm glad you're happy with the possibility of EVs. I would be, BUT... there's always a "but". I live in Appalachia where coal is king. The coal is being mined using a technique called mountaintop removal, where all the timber is bulldozed and burned, then the mountaintop is blown away to get at a small amount of coal... coal that is used to generate electricity. So, for me EVs simply means that more of my home is being obliterated.... reduced to rubble... moonscape where beautiful mountains and streams and wildlife once resided.

The cost of driving EVs is not clear cut. You know it takes oil, gas, coal, or nuclear to generate those electrons to power all those EVs. The first 3 produce CO2 and other toxic waste, and nuclear... well I don't need to go there. This article shows how EVs are not all they are cracked up to be. Give it a read. Then consider as you get in your EV where the fuel comes from to power that EV. http://www.articlegarden.com/Article/Energy-Costs-of-Driving-Electric-Cars/119208

Don't misunderstand, I'm an environmentalist and I'm all for EVs, but not until we have a clean, sustainable, source of electrons to fill the batteries with. One day solar or wind MIGHT generate enough power for this, but at this time we don't have enough clean electrons to keep the lights on, much less power millions of EVs.

Think before you drive, whose mountain you're blowing up today.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

This is great news to hear! That's one of the things I loved about living in California, especially the Bay Area. They are so forward thinking and progressive. Not like in Arizona where I ended up (through circumstance) where people here are living proof that evolution can work in reverse.

Anne Tower
Anne Tower7 years ago

Moving to the Bay Area in the next 6 months and I definitely LOVE seeing this article! Keep it comin', San Fran! :) Hopefully it will be in my budget sooner rather than later to buy that electric car I've been dreaming about :)

Deborah W.
deborah w7 years ago

this is fantastic and there will be more countries getting onboard after seeing what can be done.
I can't wait until we don't need so much oil anymore and the Arabs won't have a stronghold on the world.
I hope it's in my lifetime

Jennifer Blan
Jennifer M7 years ago

A step in the right direction (:

Pat Tyler
Pat Tyler7 years ago

A good step in the right direction and we do need all renewable processes for fuels.

stefan d.
Stefan Dwornik7 years ago

That's great! Now, we just need to have them all over California, and not let the petroleum/auto lobby continue to kill efforts on dramatically improving mileage, and not suppressing, or delaying the developement of green cars. I believe the technology is there, but the petroleum/automobile lobby has done everything it can to keep humanity dependent on gas powered automobiles. I read recently there is a resurgence in the demand for big SUV's; were already a very apathetic country, and if the SUV story is true, we're stupid and greedy. This is not meant as a blanket statement, but if we don't get involved and change, like all things we will go extinct. But if your a republican, or Christian right then we don't pollute, there are no greenhouse gases, and God loves you because you don't twist scripture or laws, you don't put yourself before God's will, your not greedy, selfish, judemental, and you of course you don't put God Hates------ (lately he hates us fags the most). True path to God will not be found through the Christian Church, but through a personal relationship where you ask humbly for the TRUTH, and to serve.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

That's my California!

Harry B.
Harry B7 years ago

I'm all for EVs, BUT not if it means the continued destruction of my mountains. I live in part of Appalachia that is being bombed daily beyond recognition by coal companies eager to blow up my mountains so they can make big profits on the coal they rip out. Then they walk away leaving a flat moonscape where a once beautiful mountain was. Scientific data has proven that the mountains cannot be rebuild/reclaimed. The runoff from the mines contains selenium and other metals that are toxic to fish, wildlife and humans. If EVs are the thing of the future, which seems to be the case, then there has to be some guarantees that the power used to charge them comes from renewable sources. I have no idea how/if this could be done, but the bottom line is I want surface coal mining, especially mountaintop removal, stopped NOW. Yes, it will probably mean electricity bills will go up possibly 10% in the short term. The effect of the price increases will be an overall improvement in the way we use electricity, e.g. more efficient home heating, A/C, and lighting, more home solar and wind, and more efficient and greener power generation. The future is NOT fossil fuel and we must start preparing NOW.